Marxman works endlessly no matter the circumstances


Despite the current world crisis happening all around, a bright light at LPHS is pushing through the difficulties and working endlessly to ensure her hard work and determination is the leading force. LPHS junior, Rebecca Marxman is nearly finishing her high school chapter, and she is doing it with such grace and leadership.

Marxman is the co-editor of the yearbook, and she is often found around the school gathering photos, ideas, and cheering people up with her gentle sense of humor and desire to make the yearbook the best of her abilities.

“The joy I see on their faces when their page is finally complete makes all the long hours I spend at home editing their pages worth it,” Marxman said. “It takes a lot of dedication and hard work in order to stay on top of everything that goes into creating a great book.”

With school being out for a month due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Marxman is actively searching for ways to complete many pages in the yearbook–even if school is not in session. She wants this book to be an accurate reflection of what is truly happening this school year.

“We have talked about doing different spreads where we have students send in pictures from home and really document what is going on in our world right now since this definitely won’t be something we forget. We plan to continue working on the pages that we can and edit the pages that are done,” Marxman said. “We are just trying to do as much work as we can, so that when we return to school, we won’t have as much to catch up on.”

While being a genuine leader in the classroom, Marxman has been maintaining a 4.0. grade point average. She is involved in several advanced placement classes, and she is especially proud to be on the LPHS Softball team.

The challenge of balancing her life occurs heavily in the fall. She plays softball on a travel time, which consists of manys practices and tournaments. Marxman has learned how to manage her time wisely, using every free minute to complete homework assignments.

She is thankful for playing softball for many reasons. The friends she has made and the endless memories and love for the sport are just a couple, but she believes that being involved in a sport and being academically challenged has prepared her for college.

Marxman is planning on majoring in Accounting and possibly having Finance or Spanish as a minor. To help get closer to the career goal that she has, she is going to be working as a Bank Intern at LPHS her senior year. She plans on working hard towards her goals, but she is going to make sure her senior year is productive and enjoyable.

But first, she has to finish her junior year yearbook.

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