LPHS Winter Guard steals the show in Schaumburg


The talented LPWG (La Porte Winter Guard) placed first at their competition in Schaumburg, Illinois on March 8th, 2020.

Every year, the LPWG team does incredibly well at their competitions. This is all thanks to their choreographer Lorenzo and their willingness to put extensive hours of dedication into perfecting their show.

On the way to the competition, the team faced some unfortunate bus difficulties. While on a highway, one of the bus tires fell off. LPWG had to stop for roughly two hours. They had to change on the bus and ended up being 30 minutes late. The team was only given a short time to warm up.

“Winning felt good after everything we had been through that day. It felt like we worked really hard to get there,” junior and veteran guard member Roziland McCoy said.

The team won first place by 4.5 points and scored a total of 71.1. Despite the many challenges this brought, they rose above them and had an amazing show.

This year’s show is titled “Rise”, and it is up for interpretation to each person who watches it.

“When they see the show they may interpret it differently, but to us, it’s about all the problems and hardships we as humanity have to face daily, but at the end of it all, we can and we will rise up beyond those challenges,” sophomore and veteran guard member Makenna Micallef said.

A usual competition is made up of a quick rehearsal at LPHS before loading onto the bus to drive to the competition. Once they arrive, they get in their costumes and meet with Lorenzo for stretching. Each team at the competition gets a small chunk of time to warm up before it’s show time.

The winner is determined by a point system based off of four categories: movement, equipment, general effect, and two design analysis.
LPWG is one of the many dance extracurriculars LPHS offers.

“Not everyone does sports. I never felt as good doing athletics as I do in the arts. Guard is another way of people expressing themselves. I’ve made so many great memories from being in winter guard,” senior and veteran guard member Matthew Smith said.

Due to COVID-19, LPWG’s season unfortunately came to an abrupt end. The team hopes to take this break to strengthen their skills and come back even stronger next season.

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