Manering wraps up long successful career at LPCSC

Manering wraps up long successful career at LPCSC


After 44 years of being a key member of the LaPorte Community School Corporation, Mr. Steve Manering is wrapping up his long career in education. 

Manering started 44 years ago as a Crichfield Elementary School teacher. He taught there for 11 years before heading over to Boston Middle School to become an assistant principal. He was an assistant principal for four years.

After that, he landed his longest and maybe best known position at Riley Elementary School. Manering was the principal there for a total of 23 years. After decades with the Rockets, his final transition was to assistant superintendent where he has spent the last six years. 

The challenging role of assistant superintendent was one that Manering believed that he was ready for, especially after the many years spent leading at Riley.

“After 23 years at Riley, I thought that I had a good knowledge base and a great deal of experience that could help all elementary buildings in the corporation,” Manering said.

It was a massive change for Manering since his entire outlook was different. At Riley, he only worried about his own school, but he had to focus on eight schools as the assistant superintendent. He believes that all schools are equally as important. 

“You have to think globally. One building is no longer your focus,” Manering said.

It has always given Manering the strongest sense of pride watching students grow and mature throughout their years. He even has watched Slicers receive their diploma for five years in a row. 

“I have attended five (six including the 2020 Commencement) LaPorte High School Commencement ceremonies since I have been assistant superintendent,” Manering said. “It was gratifying to see the former Riley students accept their high school diplomas.”

As an assistant superintendent, he makes several visits to elementary schools to observe how principals interact with the various staff and students.

Manering has watched the corporation change in many ways throughout the years, and he is most proud to see the three buildings that have been up and running the past few years. He made it a goal of his to watch the third one thrive and be up and running, and then he would end his chapter as the assistant superintendent. He knew it was time, and he believes all of his hard work and dedication to the corporation over the years was done.

With time, someone will take over the assistant superintendent role, but Manering has set a high standard for whoever that person will be. 

“The person who replaces me needs to be able to deal with eight different elementary buildings. Each building has its own personality,” Manering said. “It is a key element to have these buildings have a guaranteed curriculum to give students similar experiences.”

Manering will miss his students and coworkers endlessly, but he is more than ready to continue the next chapter of his life knowing all of the positive influence he has had on the community for years.

He is going to continue announcing for the WCOE broadcast team for the Slicer football, baseball, and basketball teams, so Slicer faithful will see be able to be connected to Manering.

LPCSC is thankful for the unforgettable leader that Manering has been to the corporation for the last 44 years.

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