Senior looks to honor Class of 2020


For seniors across the country, the last lap of their school year has been halted, leaving many of the milestones they have been waiting for up in the air. Many are asking and trying to find ways to honor this group of students who have worked all their lives for this moment. One senior at LPHS has decided to help.

The student, who chooses to remain anonymous, created an Instagram account LaPorte Class of 2020 (@laporteclassof2020), where Slicer seniors can send in basic information and be highlighted on the page. The student creator takes the submissions, makes a graphic, and then posts on the account.

After seeing schools around the Indianapolis area do this, the Slicer senior thought it would be a great way to honor and highlight fellow seniors, many of whom she did not know well. 

“After talking with a few of my friends, I soon came to the realization that we don’t know much about the future of our class outside of our bubble. With our senior year being cut short, I wanted to find a way to be able to reach out to our class on a social media platform, and making this Instagram account did just that,” the student said.

Since starting the account, the student has been incredibly busy keeping up with the submissions and designing the posts.

“I have been glued to my phone opening private messages, editing their layouts, and monitoring comments. Each post takes about 10-15 minutes to make and post, but I do enjoy it,” the Slicer said.

With over 400 seniors in the Class of 2020, the student hopes more students will send in a photo and their information so that they can be highlighted. Instructions are posted in the bio of the account. Students need to direct message a picture of themselves and plans after high school–whether that be straight to the workforce, serving the country, or attending post-secondary school.

The student in charge has watched the page grow quickly, which was the hope all along–to have people honor the Class of 2020.

“For the most part, people have responded very positively to the page! As the following grew, I noticed that it was no longer just seniors noticing the page, but parents and younger siblings, too. Of course, there were a few of my peers that thought this was pointless, but I am still glad that I started the page,” the student said.

Currently, over 50 students have been highlighted, and the account creator hopes all LPHS seniors will send in their information so that everyone can cheer on the Class of 2020.

The ending to the 2019-2020 school year has been hard for many, especially for seniors because of the finality of it all without the chance to say proper goodbyes around the halls.

“They [future classes] are going to have those last few months after spring break to have their bittersweet moments with the students they grew up with, while my friends and I are home clueless about everyone’s futures sitting home in quarantine. With everything up in the air about graduation and our last big moments of high school, the purpose of this page was to get this final glimpse of everyone and their peers,” the senior said.

Check out the account, and encourage the seniors to join in. The Class of 2020 is special and will always be remembered.

“To the seniors: Thank you to all who have participated on Instagram; I hope it was fun to see everyone’s plans, even though it was so simple! I wish you ALL the best,” the account creator said.

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