COVID-19 affecting American politics

COVID-19 affecting American politics


The COVID-19 virus has begun impacting the primary elections, as many voters are suggested to remain at home.

Many states and territories have postponed their primaries and caucuses, including Indiana, putting the battle between frontrunner Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders on hold. Alaska, Hawaii, and Kansas have all decided to call their Republican primary races a no contest for Incumbent President Donald Trump.

The largest political effect of the coronavirus may be the fact that both parties have been able to come together to fight the virus. Recently, both parties agreed on a $2 trillion Coronavirus stimulus bill after the bill was passed by Congress on Friday. The bill is designed to provide relief for workers and businesses that have been impacted heavily by the virus. The stimulus is the largest in American history. This level of bipartisanship is rare in American history.

Some people are questioning how well President Trump has handled the virus outbreak, as the US passed China on March 28th for the most cases of the virus. Some think that Trump and his administration did not act fast enough to help prevent the spread of the virus. Despite this, Trump still feels as though he has handled the crisis well and that the virus has been handled correctly.

One of his biggest proponents has been New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. New York currently has the most Coronavirus cases of any state with nearly 60,000 as of March 29th. That number is over triple the next highest state, New Jersey, with just over 13,000 cases. Cuomo has pushed for more ventilators, masks, and medical equipment to be created for medical workers to use.

Most states have issued stay at home orders, including Indiana, and many schools have shut down across the country. The best thing everyone can do right now is to stay in our homes and to stay away from others. With that being said, make sure to wash your hands and stay safe.

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