LPHS students come together to offer homework help


COVID-19 has ruined the 2019-2020 school year for many saddened students, but junior at LPHS, Jill Maudlin, and a group of friends are saving the day one math lesson at a time.

The process of their volunteer work is receiving emails from students who are in need of homework help and directing them to a tutor for their desired subject. That tutor will then provide written explanations or send the student a Zoom invite for face-to-face help!

“We operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10-4 through the rest of the school year. We’ll reevaluate in the fall. We offer help in science, math, English, history, and Spanish,” Maudlin said.

The LPHS students who are a part of this project are Jill Maudlin, Paige Maudlin, Mikaelah Jackson, Addie James, Becca Marxman, Madison Aguirre, Sophie Sorg, Olivia Combs, Lily Alberts, and Riya Verma. 

“I decided to help out with this because I wanted to help my friend Jill, and I wanted to support the younger kids that may be having a tough time adjusting to school outside of the classroom. I also thought it would give me the opportunity to be more motivated,” junior student Madison Aguirre said.

The hotline is open to all students.Those interested in getting help can reach these Slicers at [email protected]

Their goal is to help children persist through their educational barriers.

Just like the rest of us, each of these students are dealing with the corona virus agenda in their own ways!

“I have realized that being out of school not only hinders my education by not having direct contact with teachers but also how much we learn with our peers. However, this unique situation has allowed me to invest time in activities that I had no time for before,” junior student Riya Verma said.

Despite these harsh times, Maudlin and her friends are determined to keep their hopes high in order to keep helping those who need it. 

The project has been helpful to students from all sorts of places!

“I really needed help with my math one day, and I got it fast and easily by using this. I will definitely use it again,” fourth grade Kingsbury student Gracelyn Wolfe said.

It is inspiring to see LPHS Slicers come together to do good even in the hardest times. LPHS is proud to have students like the ones in this group!

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