Alber leads LPHS during pandemic


With the pandemic creating challenges across most schools in the world, LaPorte High School is looking at its new principal for guidance during these hard times. Christopher Alber, former assistant principal at LPHS and former principal of Riley Elementary School, has been working hard to keep things going as smoothly as possible while also protecting students from COVID-19. 

Taking on a new school at this time would be a daunting task for anyone, but so far it’s gone quite well for Alber. No new outbreaks have happened within the halls, and most students are following the necessary precautions in order to stop the spreading. 

“I am impressed by our students and staff with their compliance to wear masks and following our safety procedures. We will continue to self-reflect and improve on measures to maintain a safe environment,” Alber said.

While living safe is important to the staff at LPHS, they also know it is important for students to have a somewhat normal year. 

“My goal for this semester and this year is to maximize the amount of on campus instruction by following our safety protocols,” Alber said.

It’s not just managing the school that’s important, however. Connection to students is key. Part of what allows Alber to connect to students so well is that he has a son of his own going to the school. Chase is a student at LPHS, and makes Alber a better person.

Having a high school aged student and working with several young people during his career has allowed him to relate to the people of LPHS on a strong level. 

The overall staff response to him has been positive. A great deal of praise has also been directed at his positive energy.

“He advocates for teachers because he’s been there,” AP English teacher Jennifer Scanlin said.

La Porte High School is in strong hands, and Slicer Newsroom can’t wait to see what Alber does next!


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