Cooper manages nurse’s office during pandemic


In the face of a pandemic, the idea of being the nurse at a school sounds daunting, but to Nurse Rachel Cooper, it’s nothing. Since La Porte High School has been opened back up to the public, Cooper has been working in the nurse’s office ensuring the health of students and staff. 

Though there have been many struggles, they are keeping things consistent. There is much more focus being put on the symptoms of a student and being able to tell whether or not they have COVID.

Every school has to follow some COVID guidelines from the state, and Cooper is making sure she and her whole staff are prepared for possible symptoms and signs of COVID.

“The number one thing for us nurses is to make nursing judgement.” Cooper said. “Usually if they’re running a fever, maybe a headache and sore throat that could possibly be COVID.”

Surprisingly, Cooper has found that less students are coming to her office now. Which could be linked to a multitude of factors.

By her side is her assistant, former Slicer, Sam Stidham, who helps with paperwork and takes care of students when Cooper is gone. While it must’ve been stressful coming to a new school during a pandemic, she has adapted well and has a positive attitude towards the future. 

“It’s not very stressful,” Stidham said. “It’s been very smooth.”

Due to their past interactions, Cooper and her assistant have much more than a professional relationship and view each other as good friends.

Love and appreciation from students will be crucial to Cooper this year while it feels the world is getting crazier and crazier everyday. It’s good to know that students still have tons of support for her during these dire times.

“She’s really nice,” Audrey Jeffers, junior student, said, “She’s very caring, and knows her stuff. She gets to know the kids, and it’s easy to talk to her.”

Everyone is rooting for Cooper, masks, and social distance!



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