Anglin subs her way into teaching


Former Slicer Lauren Anglin has made her way back to LPHS as a substitute teacher in the Spanish department.

Anglin is currently a student at Indiana University of South Bend and is majoring in Social Studies Education. Anglin found out about the subbing position in Spanish from Mr Alber, principal at LPHS. He originally called Anglin’s mom, but she suggested her daughter because she knows more Spanish.

 “I did have a phone interview with Mr. Alber about the position, and it went really well,” Anglin said.

Subbing isn’t exactly new for Anglin. She has been working as a substitute for the elementary and middle schools in our corporation for around a year. This helped give her the credentials she needed for this position at the high school. 

Anglin took the position at the high school for her love of being in a classroom and getting to have that long-term experience to really teach the students.

“This experience will really set me apart when looking for an actual teaching position in the next several years,” Anglin said.

For Anglin, subbing at the high school is far different than both the middle school and elementary schools. She believes that you have the ability to teach more than as you would with short term positions and younger levels in the system. 

“I think that the high school is really exciting when it comes to teaching because you are really enriching kids in a different way when they are becoming young adults,” Anglin said.

Anglin loves subbing for the elementary school and all the challenges that go along with it, but she would pick secondary education any day especially due to the fact that she is going to college in hopes to teach in secondary school. She believes that the kids know more and have a greater thirst for knowledge in high school.

Not only is Anglin being a successful teacher but a student as well. Balancing her classwork and subbing has been going well. Throughout the school day, Anglin will do her schoolwork during her plan periods, and if she can’t do it then, she has plenty of time after school.

Even during these tough times, Anglin’s Spanish classes are going smoothly. She loves her students and how understanding they are. She also admires how they are all working together.

Outside of school, Anglin enjoys reading, hanging out with her friends, going to the lake, looking at sunsets, watching her younger siblings at their sporting events, and loves getting coffee. When she gets the chance, she loves to spend time with her boyfriend and her dogs. 

In or out of school, Anglin’s love for others and ability to spark change is undeniable. She will undoubtedly become an incredible teacher, hopefully in the halls of LPHS.

 “I guess the saying is really true, Once a Slicer, Always a Slicer… it’s been nice being back, but this time around I’m taking the position behind the desk and seeing the high school from a different perspective,” Anglin said.


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