Slicer Health Clinic opens


The Slicer Health Clinic is coming back to LaPorte High School this year even bigger and better. 

The clinic is now offering more this year than ever before.

“We do sports physicals, any immunizations that you need, we treat illnesses or injuries, if you need to be tested for strep throat. If you have a rash, we can see that and send a prescription if you need that as well,” nurse practitioner at the clinic Elisa Bergquist said.  

If a student is injured and needs stitches or thinks he or she may have broken a bone, the clinic can order x-rays and put a cast or splint on. The Slicer Health Clinic also does wellness visits. If a student just needs a general checkup, the clinic can do that also. 

The clinic is an added convenience for students and parents, as the students don’t have to leave school, and the parent doesn’t have to leave work to come with their child. 

“This is a benefit for students because they can get things like shots or sports physicals, and other routine things that are done here while they are in school. Then they don’t have to miss school time and have parents taking time off of work. As long as the parent signs a consent, we can just get that done right here during the school day,” Bergquist said. 

There are additional perks to going to the Slicer Health Clinic than just a quick checkup at school. 

“If you are currently being treated by another physician that is in our network, we have access to their medical records, and they have access to ours as well. If a student is not covered by insurance, we can work with funds from the Healthcare Foundation of LaPorte to help with those costs,” Bergquist said. 

The clinic also provides hygiene products, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, free of charge to anyone in need of those items. 

If financial issues are a roadblock in deciding whether or not to visit the clinic, fear not. A visit at the Slicer Health Clinic costs as much as a visit at any other doctor’s office or urgent care. Patrons are billed through insurance. They take most types of insurance that parents may have through work or Medicaid. If there is no insurance, then there are some options to help with the financial aspect of the visit. 

The Health Clinic isn’t just for high school students. Students from all grade levels are encouraged and able to visit. 

“Any student that is registered in the LaPorte Community School Corporation can make an appointment. Even preschool students can visit. At this time we aren’t seeing any outside people, such as parents, or staff members,” Bergquist said. 

Formerly located by the school nurse’s office, the Slicer Health Clinic is now by the old preschool, in room G.11. Be sure to call 324-1377 to make an appointment at the Slicer Health Clinic for a quick, easy, and affordable checkup!

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