LPHS love birds: the Tuholskis


At LPHS there are many admirable staff members and teachers. Two of these teachers are especially unique because they have been in love since their sophomore year of high school.

It all started when they met in seventh grade at Kesling Middle School, but they didn’t start dating until 10th grade at LaPorte High School.

That love bloomed throughout high school and into college. They both decided to go to IU Bloomington together so they could experience relying on each other. It was there that they were able to see each other blossom into wonderful adults.

“My favorite thing about Mike is his determination and his work ethic. It really showed when we were at IU, and it shows even more now with him providing for our family,” Mrs. Tuholski said.

Not only is the couple bonded with time, but they also run a produce farm together. Tuholski Produce started in 2018. It is a community-focused small farm production. 

Last year, the Tuholskis started Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The CSA allows for individuals and families to join their farm as CSA members. 

“I love that we can connect with our La Porte community in this way and that we are increasing access to fresh, local foods. Mr. Tuholski and I are a team of two, and we grow and harvest everything ourselves,” Mrs. Tuholski said. “I would love to get students involved in the planting and harvesting next year; I think it would be a great experience for someone interested in learning more about agriculture.”Despite not seeing each other much throughout the school days, Mr. and Mrs. Tuholski still find comfort in working together.

Mr. Tuholski has been teaching at LPHS for four years as a part of the science department. He teaches Biology, AP Research, Principles of Biomedical Science, and Human Body Systems.

I really enjoy interactive projects and labs. It is great to see the students get excited about applying what they have learned,” Mr. Tuholski said.

This is Mrs. Tuholski’s second year teaching at LPHS; she’s also taught at the middle school. She is in the agriculture department. This year she is teaching Introduction to Agriculture, Foods, and Natural Resources (all one class) and Natural Resources on its own.

I love these classes because they’re so hands-on! It’s awesome that my job is teaching young people about local foods, sustainability, and their environment. I love connecting with the outdoors, so being able to share my passion and spark students’ interest in the world around them makes my heart happy,” Mrs. Tuholski said.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Tuholski attended LPHS as students, so working together here is very special to both of them.

I was and am a Slicer; I marched with the band (well ok, I played the keyboard at the front of the field), participated in countless clubs, competitions, and activities, and feel right at home being back here as a teacher,” Mr. Tuholski said.

Mrs. Tuholski wholeheartedly agreed with him in terms of feeling at home.

LPHS has always felt like home to me, and a lot of that is due to the people that are here and the programs/activities that are offered. I graduated from LPHS in 2009, and when I was in high school, I was very involved in cross country and track. Distance running was a huge part of my life and still is! LPHS and our district as a whole has a great opportunity to become a leader in agriculture education,” Mrs. Tuholski said. 

Whether it’s in the farm or here at school, Mr. and Mrs. Tuholski always make a difference in their community.

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