LaPorte legend: Ms. Terri


LaPorte is known for its lakes, 4th of July celebration, baseball, but one important person needs to be added to that list: beloved substitute Ms. Terri. 

Metts has been a substitute for 14 years. She began working for Michigan City Schools and was there for around four years but has been subbing for LaPorte for the last ten. She mainly spends her time at LPHS, but she has also substituted for the elementary and middle schools several times.

Not only does Metts love teaching at the high school and being around the students, being at LPHS lets her see her two grandsons every time she’s here, and she loves to get to spend time with them.

“I really really am very very thankful to be here, and that’s the truth, because I think that because you are the next generation. It encourages me that I get to participate in watching you grow and develop into what I’m hoping a responsible young citizen,” Metts said. 

Metts also loves getting to sub because her students jokingly keep promising her that they’ll introduce her to their grandpas. 

Metts’ favorite part about substitute teaching is getting to work with the students.

“I believe there are many here with genuine, kind hearts. I love watching them mature and learn,” Metts said. 

Not only does Metts love getting to be around the students, but the students adore her as well. Students view Ms. Terri like a grandma and are always looking out for her. She walks down the hall accompanied by shouts of, “Hey, Ms. Terri!”

“She is like our grandma! I love her,” a Slicer student commented.

Outside of school, Metts likes to spend time with her family and friends. She enjoys taking small trips and touring certain areas in that town with her friends. She loves decorating, reading, designing, crocheting, sewing, and attending several local concerts with friends. When it comes to decorating, she likes to make things out of repurposed materials. She volunteers at church, but due to COVID-19, she hasn’t been able to these past several months, but she hopes to be back soon.  

Lakes, 4th of July celebration, baseball, and Ms. Terri. LPHS and LaPorte would not be the same without them.

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