Sal Martinez stuns at LPHS


In a school of close to 2,000 students, it can be hard for LPHS students to stand out. However, this has proved not to be a problem for La Porte High School senior Sal Martinez, who has consistently impressed with both his merchandise and soccer career. 

Currently, Martinez is working on designing on various shoes. While he originally worked on different clothing design, he has since moved on to adding flair to shoes. If students want to get some of his material, just contact him on social media. He is currently on a break from doing it, due to time management, but plans to return soon.

His biggest inspiration in art, however, was a YouTuber by the name of “Brahma” who had various paintings and designer bags. He was also motivated by the art classes he took in sixth grade. He didn’t start actually selling and making merch however, until his sophomore year.

He certainly lives up to his creative clothing ideas, always wearing the finest fashion for games and just to feel confident in himself.

Martinez is also a standout on the soccer field. From his freshman to senior year, Martinez has been an active soccer player at LaPorte High School. He made varsity his sophomore year. Throughout his high school career, he’s had several impressive feats. One of them includes 10 assists as a freshman. There has also been an accumulation of 12 goals on his record from junior to senior year.

Once Martinez graduates, he wants to attend college at Manchester for soccer and to study marketing. When he moves on from there, he is looking to get a job in marketing. 

Throughout high school, Martinez says that he’s become much more confident. When he was a freshman, he didn’t really talk to too many people, but as the years went on he began making more friends and becoming more social.

“Sal is a great person,” Joe Keiley, senior teammate, said. “He is always in a vibe and likes to chill. He never gets too upset about things and never takes things too seriously.”

One character trait people like about Martinez is his humor. He is always able to bring laughs to whatever group he’s in with his lowkey personality. Normally most people like this could be boring, but Sal finds a way to shine.

“I’m pretty laid back, I love hanging with my friends and having a good time,” Martinez said with his usual confidence. “I love making people laugh, it makes me feel good about myself.”

Whether it’s on the field or in class, Martinez finds a way to bring humor and class to every situation he’s in. 

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