Slicers weigh in on election


While the 2020 election season reaches its peak, students at LPHS are getting more and more involved in politics and activism. While opinions widely differ from each other, most can agree that this election is one of the most important of their lifetimes. Views range from leftist to moderate to conservative to undecided throughout the building, which exemplifies the entire country. 

Social issues that are being addressed during this election season include abortion and racial inequality. Three LPHS juniors weighed in on this consequential election. For the sake of students’ privacy, their responses remain anonymous. 

Student A believes that until the shape of our foster care system is reformed, abortion is necessary. 

“The adoption and foster care system is currently flawed. Many children are being put into the system and being raised in cruel households. I think that women should have the choice to abort until there is eventually a guaranteed safe way for children to be raised in a new foster care system,” Student A said. 

Student B believes that abortion should be allowed but limited to some reasons. 

“I believe that abortion is okay in instances of rape, incest, or if the mother will be harmed while giving birth, but NOT as a form of birth control,” Student B said. 

Racism and how people of color are treated in the country is another debate during this election season. 

The death of George Floyd in May led to outrage over the way people of color are treated in the United States. This gave the Black Lives Matter movement a huge role in the 2020 election; however, with those who support the movement, there comes those who don’t. 

Student A says that the Black Lives Matter organization is one that supports everyone, especially those who are currently oppressed because of their skin color. 

“Black Lives Matter is an organization that fights for equal rights and opportunities to all people. Treating people differently based on their skin color is like not being friends with somebody because they have scars,” Student A said. 

Social issues oftentimes go hand in hand with other problems the country is facing, such as domestic policy issues. 

Domestic policy issues, such as immigration, universal healthcare, and the economy are other largely discussed topics during the election season. 

Student A believes that immigration is necessary for America to function the way it was designed to- with open arms to anyone seeking refuge. 

“America was founded on the principle of immigration. I believe that immigration is a good thing, and immigrants should be accepted into the United States. As long as you are a productive person and are working, you should be allowed to stay in the United States. A wall clearly would not be the solution to this problem, people will always find a way in,” Student A said. 

Universal healthcare is a widely debated issue that sets apart all sides of the political spectrum. 

Student C believes that universal health care should be considered a human right and is as important as other highly debated issues. 

“How is it even a thought to make people pay insane amounts of money and be in debt just so they can have access to medical care? How is that humane? It’s especially sad because I watched a video the other day where people from other countries tried to guess how much Americans pay for medical attention. They looked appalled when they were told how much we actually pay. It’s not okay,” Student C said. 

Because of how disappointed Student C is by this, they have a plan for achieving a practical, yet successful system of universal healthcare. 

“I believe that we should go the route that most countries take to put universal healthcare into motion. They pay for it with general income taxes and payroll taxes. If raising taxes for people meant paying less for doctors visits and that you didn’t have to go into debt for a surgery or anything like that, I think it’s a no brainer. I think universal healthcare can be achieved but not easily. We would have to look at other countries for direction and conceive a plan that would work in the general public’s benefit. It would be hard, but we could do it,” Student C said. 

The economy and how it should be handled and run is another largely talked about topic this election. 

Student B believes that President Trump has done a great job with economic policies and has bettered conditions for working class Americans. 

“Trump brought businesses back to the United States after failed policies under the Obama administration forced them to move out of the country. This brought back jobs to the United States, helping the economy and American workers tremendously. I think everyone can agree that Trump has done great things for the economy, whether you support him or not,” Student B said. 

Students at LaPorte have been learning how to use their voice while being respectful of others views. Since many can vote in this monumental election, it is important to be educated and use their voices. 

Student B believes that the beauty of America is that the citizens can have different views on things and be able to speak openly about the government, just as students are doing now. 


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