Briggs continues to change lives


During adolescence, the kind of teacher a student has can deeply affect his or her outlook on education, themselves, and the world. A strong teacher can make a child grow to excel in their classes and have a positive view on life. Marty Briggs, Crichfield Elementary School teacher, is a perfect example of a strong teacher who students are lucky enough to have.

From a young age, Briggs knew he wanted to be a teacher. This stemmed from helping his brother with school work and the influence of his third grade teacher, who showed him learning could actually be quite fun. He went on to take various education classes throughout college and started teaching at the Riley Elementary School in 1978. He taught third grade there, but also dealt with students in the fourth and fifth grade. In 1993, he transferred to Crichfield, where he currently teaches fourth grade. 

The impact Briggs has made on his students cannot be understated. Multiple students have come forward and talked about the fantastic experiences they had with him.

Briggs didn’t just make school fun, he ensures students walk away stronger than when they stepped in. He values math particularly.

“I didn’t know I could learn in such ways. He brought learning to life.” said Ally Richey, former student of Briggs who spoke highly of him.

The praise is well-earned, as Mr. Briggs has an engaging teaching style. He never has his students learn in a traditional way; there’s always fun voices or slogans involved to ingrain it into a child’s brain.

This is because while Briggs values learning, he also knows how to have fun. Some of his fondest memories are the various pranks he would play on coworkers, and the various pranks they would play on him in return.

On his down time, Briggs enjoys spending time in nature. He loves going kayaking and jogging outside. It helps alleviate his problems. He also feels the environment is important and should be protected. 

Briggs also likes working at his local church. He considers the people there his second family. He feels his purpose in life is to teach, whether it’s at school or at the church.

“My students are all my students no matter where they happen to be,” Briggs said.

Briggs’ passion and success in education has not gone unnoticed. Back in 2016, Briggs was awarded the prestigious Presidential Award in Mathematics and Science. He traveled to D.C. to accept his award. The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science (PAEMST) are the highest honors bestowed by the United States government for grades K-12. The awards are given to one math teacher and one science teacher from each of the 50 states.

Needless to say, Martin Briggs has made a legacy of a great teacher that anyone in the education system should be proud of. His impact on the students of LPCSC is far reaching and irreplaceable.


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