Slicer Champions Mentoring Program helps students succeed through connection

Slicer Champions Mentoring Program helps students succeed through connection


LPHS’ Slicer Champions Mentoring Program is a program that debuted in 2017 and was created to provide extra support for students in need of help specifically from adults.

Slicer Champions recruits mentors by spreading word of their program through businesses, civic clubs, and individuals in hopes of reaching someone who wants to apply to become a mentor and help students.

Once students are paired up with their mentors, they sit down and get to know each other. They spend about 45 to 50 minutes each week together. Mentors will often ask their students about their weeks, go through homework, play games, or whatever the student has in mind. It is a chance to ensure every student has an adult to count on.

Students and mentors will usually stick together throughout the student’s entire school career excluding secondary-school options.

The impact of a caring adult in a student’s life can go a long way. Some students have to grow up without an adult in their life, the Slicer Champions is here to put an end to that. The mentors’ goal is to support the mentees and help them succeed in their futures.

“Being a mentor is a great way to give back to the community in a meaningful, personal way.  Students benefit from a compassionate and consistent adult in their lives. Mentors can have an impact on the long-term well-being of a student in big and small ways,” Slicer Champions Program Specialist Julie Sinclair said. “Sometimes the mentor can encourage students in major ways like helping them with study habits and long-term career planning.  Other times it’s small but impactful ways like being attentive emotionally.”

It really is an incredible opportunity for both participants. The experiences Slicer Champions have given mentors is life-changing.

“You get to make a difference in somebody’s life, and I think that’s very important. I’ve had the opportunity now to meet mentors and see them make a difference. I’ve learned a lot about myself just helping others and realizing how fortunate I am,” Tom Dermody, mentor and mayor of La Porte, said during an interview with Education Counts Michiana.

Even throughout quarantine, mentees were still able to keep contact with their mentors. With precautions, the pairings still spoke with one another and tried helping as best as they could.

This helped mentees greatly since quarantine was such a difficult time for learning and socializing.

Slicer Champions is currently looking for adults interested in sharing their kindness and becoming a mentor. If interested, please check out the Slicer Champions site at

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