Alber returns to the classroom



Gene Alber, lifelong educator, and beloved LPCSC staff member is finding a new home at LPHS. 

Alber has been an educator for 51 years. His five decades in education have taken him from Michigan City to Tulsa to San Antonio and finally to LaPorte. He has taught history, coached multiple sports, and served as an athletic director, assistant principal, and principal. His arrival to LaPorte came after he retired in 2011 from a school in Tulsa. 

After his retirement, he decided to move to LaPorte to be near his kids. After he relocated, he found retirement to be boring and started subbing at Boston Middle School from 2012-2013, and then took over as the In School Detention (ISD) teacher up until 2019. He then moved over to the new Kesling campus in 2019 but retired due to health reasons.

Although Alber didn’t attend LPHS, he is now forever a Slicer, and that’s just fine by him.

“There’s a lot of caring here,” Alber said. 

Even though he thought he was done in the halls, Alber couldn’t keep himself away from the classroom. His son Chris was named Slicer principal this year, so Alber has decided to come and help out when needed at LPHS. He is currently long-term subbing in the science department. Alber loves getting to work with kids, which is what brought him to work in the first place.

Being at the high school brings a great deal of joy to Alber. He loves getting to see his students he knew from Boston all grown up and seeing the mission of the corporation, especially at the high school.

“I had the privilege of having Mr. A as a substitute teacher many times throughout middle school. I remember tearing up on his last day because I didn’t want him to leave us. His fun personality, love of sharks, and genuine character made him stand out above the rest. He cares about every student he encounters and that’s why he always stood out to me,” Bethany Schuster, former Slicer, said. 

Outside of school Alber loves to help out his wonderful family, read, and give his lab Sharkie Liz lots of attention. 

Interestingly, Alber has an undying passion for sharks. This started back at Indiana State University in 1962. He had a term paper and drew sharks for his topic. Ever since that, students and friends have given him different shark themed items, which ended up filling 11 tubs when he moved back from Texas. In 2008, he went to South Africa and went cage diving for two days with great white sharks.

To add to Alber’s incredible story, he is also an Army veteran where he served for three years protecting this country.

His leadership has been a bright light his whole life, especially during hard times. 

Even through all of the recent events with COVID-19, Alber is staying strong by subbing and admiring the students and fellow staff members for getting through these tough times.

“Stay strong, Slicers. To the teachers, staff, and administration in the community of LaPorte, I’m so blessed to have you and your caring, creativity, compassion, and dedication,” Alber said. 

There are no words to express the vast impact Alber had made on countless lives, but, thank you, Mr. Alber. 

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