A lifetime of art: Alayna Tuholski


Sophomore Alayna Tuholski has made her mark at LPHS with her incredible artistic abilities.

For as long as Tuholski can remember, she has been doing art. Her interest in drawing blossomed when she was young. In elementary school, art class was her favorite.

“I always just enjoyed doing it when I was younger, especially making things like birthday cards and gifts for family members. I also got introduced to art more through my 4-H projects that I started when I was in third grade,” Tuholski said.

Two months ago, Tuholski was named “Art Student of the Month” by art teacher Mr. Turner.

“I had her as a freshman, and she was one of the most talented artists I had seen come in. She continues to develop her skills and is producing amazing work in my Advanced 2D class,” Turner said.

Teachers aren’t the only ones impressed by her work.

“Alayna is a very talented painter. She inspires my artwork in class,“ said senior classmate Payton Joseph.

Tuholski loves all forms of art, but her favorite is acrylic painting, specifically big canvas paintings and murals. She even paints on her bedroom walls at home.

Tuholski’s biggest motivations are her family, interests, and improvements. 

“I think what definitely motivates me is just what I like. I have done a lot of paintings just for me of things that I enjoy like animals, colors, and people. I also get motivated because I want to get better and practice my art. I have done so many projects for my family from designing logos to giving Christmas presents. My family definitely motivates me to do better and to keep working,” Tuholski said.

As a freshman, Tuholski took both of the introductory classes for 2D and 3D art. She believes both classes were great starts to her art career at LPHS.

“So far I have very much enjoyed the art program at the high school, and I hope to continue taking more classes,” Tuholski said.

Outside of art, Tuholski is a cheerleader here at LPHS. She’s been on the cheer team since her freshman year and plans on continuing until she graduates.

After high school, Tuholski hopes to pursue a career in art.

“I have considered architecture because it combines art and math which are my two best subjects. A dream of mine would be to attend Columbia College in Chicago and graduate with an art degree,” Tuholski said.

LPHS is excited to continue watching her create and see what masterpieces she comes up with!

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