Students start March For Our Lives club

Students start March For Our Lives club


LaPorte High School has welcomed a chapter of the March For Our Lives organization to the school. 

The original organization was formed by the former and current students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, after a school shooting took the lives of 17 students. March For Our Lives is committed to bringing an end to gun violence and bringing forth more gun reform standards. The organization has opened branches throughout high schools and universities around the country, with LaPorte’s chapter beginning this year. 

President of the LaPorte branch, junior Breanna Wilson, brought the movement to LPHS because she understands the importance of being engaged in community matters and believes that LaPorte could benefit from community involvement. 

“I was motivated to start the March For Our Lives LaPorte chapter because our community has been affected by gun violence, and a lot of people don’t realize or notice. Being active within the community also motivated me because getting more people involved is always beneficial to us and the people involved,” Wilson said.

The purpose of this club is to educate and try to prevent gun violence locally and to try to teach the youth about problems that others face now or will in the future. Anyone can join, regardless of personal beliefs or background. 

“Everyone in the club has a say! Like our great country, we run like a democracy, so if you join MFOL, your ideas will be as equally represented as mine or other members. Our club is also a safe space, meaning we put our respect for each other above everything. We do not tolerate harmful language and behavior,” Wilson said. 

March For Our Lives’ main focus is gun reform but also community involvement, especially within the youth. 

“The club touches on the ‘broad spectrum’ of gun violence meaning we also touch on the communities affected, why they are affected and why this happens, and what we can do,” Wilson said. 

Wilson has exciting plans for the club. She plans on having “research days,” where members bring in something interesting/important they found that they think the group would like. 

“By having research days, we will become more educated individuals and help each other build our itinerary on what/where we want our end goal to be every year. We also plan on doing “bonding” or hangouts to really get to know each other, because I think it’s important to get to know ‘the people behind the name,’” Wilson said. 

Wilson wants the community to get as involved as possible since March For Our Lives is not merely a LaPorte organization, but a national one. 

“My goals and future plans for the club would be possibly lobbying at the capitol in Indianapolis. I also hope to expand and maybe have LaPorte as a hub for students in neighboring schools like Michigan City and New Prairie. I would like to bring people from different spectrums together to form a middle ground,” Wilson said. 

There are a few things that the LaPorte and neighboring communities can do to get involved with March For Our Lives and help the cause. Funding for this branch is appreciated so that it can expand and do bigger things throughout the state and country. 

“Currently, we have no funding in our account to start doing “big things”,so having the community be involved in our fundraiser(s) would be nice. Emailing our local and state government about the change you want to see would also be a great way to get involved,” Wilson said. 

The March For Our Lives club meets in Ms. Baugh’s room every two weeks. To get involved, contact Breanna Wilson.


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Students start March For Our Lives club