SAT in La Porte High School during a pandemic

SAT in La Porte High School during a pandemic


Even with COVID-19 gripping the world, the SAT exam is still on the to-do lists of many high school students. With the test still being used for admittance to numerous universities, students are trying to overcome missing the last two months of the previous school year and the rocky start to this one due to the virus. 

There are a lot of factors at play, but the school is still making a valiant effort to make the process as smooth and easily as possible.

While there are some differences, the process of signing up for the test is mostly the same. One can apply for the test at, where the dates and times will be available. During the actual test itself, students will have to be spaced six feet apart as they answer the questions and will not be allowed in the test center if they don’t have a mask. Most of the usual locations for tests taken during previous years are still available including La Porte High School and Michigan City High School.

The whole situation hasn’t stopped students from taking the test who missed it from last year. Heather Brant, lead counselor at the high school, has reported that more students are taking the SAT than any other year. 

The SAT is not mandatory for every college and institution. Brant would recommend seeing which schools require SAT scores. If a student wants to apply to one that requires it, then they should take it. Otherwise they have no reason.

“Students should check with the school(s) to which they plan to apply before making the decision to test or not test,” Brant said. “Taking assessments like SAT and ACT may still be required for certain merit based scholarships and for students seeking advanced placement in math or English.”

Colleges have been very understanding of some people’s inability to take the SAT, and most aren’t requiring it because of the inherent risk involved. Colleges like Ball State and IU no longer require SAT scores since the global pandemic made it difficult for juniors and seniors to get to take the test. However, there are still some that are asking for it.

Many students still feel the importance of taking the standardized test during the Covid era.

“I would say it’s important because the SAT or ACT is a way to show to colleges why you are the best possible candidate to go to their school,” James Collins, a junior student who is still taking the tests, said.

Students can go to To sign up. Test dates are available at


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