Sanders set to retire in 2021


While empowering all of the people around her, Denise Sanders inspires everyone she comes into contact to as the principal of Hailmann Elementary School.  

Sanders spent seventeen years as a teacher; however, leading was a calling for her, so she transitioned to administration. The rest is history and the start of a beautiful story at Hailmann.

“I thought I could make a difference in the areas of instruction and management, so I was ready to make a career change,” Sanders said. 

Sanders has worked relentlessly at Hailmann for the past 14 years. As principal, Sanders strives to create a positive work environment for both the teachers and the students. She regularly challenges the students with school-wide goals and, in return, gives them unforgettable benefits. Her dedication to her job, however, went to new heights when she dressed up as Super-Woman and addressed her students from on top of the school roof. 

“Mrs. Sanders is always trying to think of new ways to encourage her students and staff to reach goals that we have set.  She will get dunked in a dunk tank, have a concert on the roof of the school, ride a tricycle around our school, participate in the staff talent show, pizza parties, and so much more!” Mrs. Juskevice Hailmann Elementary School teacher said. 

Sanders clearly loves the environment she has created at Hailmann. Her coworkers have undoubtedly grown as educators and people due to the impact of Sanders. 

“She has single handedly transformed every single teacher at Hailmann. She’s amazing.” Mrs. Satchwell, a second grade teacher, said.

Maybe most important, the students always knew that loving them was Sanders’ top priority. Even after moving on from Hailmann, Sanders still remembers the Huskies who walked the halls. That passion for students always stuck out to many Huskies.

“She was always so happy to see us, which made me happy and excited to go to school,” Leydi Sanchez, former Hailmann student, said. 

Sanders believes in collaborating with her teachers to ensure that her students at Hailmann are getting the best education possible. 

“Their input is vital to keeping a learning climate innovative and creative to motivate them and students,” Sanders said.

This year, Hailmann’s dynamic will change forever since Sanders will be retiring and returning to her home state of Oklahoma. She plans on spending time on the tennis court, spending time with loved ones, and starting her own business making custom stain glass windows. 

Until then, Sanders’ mission to ensure the best education possible for her students remains her focus. What will also remain is her lasting impact on both the teachers and students, which will be felt for many years to come.

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