Hamilton persists through pandemic


Teaching has not been easy this year with COVID-19 taking a toll on traditional ways of learning. Despite the challenges that have been presented this year, Mrs. Hamilton, math teacher at LPHS, has continued being persistent and innovative with her students this year. 

This school year is Hamilton’s sixth year teaching high school mathematics. Before this time, she has held jobs such as being a house cleaner, factory manager, and stay-at-home mom. 

Though she has held several jobs before teaching, Hamilton believes that educating is her true calling. 

“Teaching is this loving relationship I have. I love teenagers, I love kids, I love math,” Hamilton said. 

Math first sparked Hamilton’s interest when she was in eighth grade. Her math studies prior to that seemed fairly easy and repetitive, but when she was challenged with Algebra, math became fun to her. 

“When I was in eighth grade, they started a new program at my school, and they offered all of the eighth graders this test that basically gave them a word problem to solve the math problem. I love the manipulation of algebra, and that’s what made me love math,” Hamilton said. 

This school year has been particularly challenging for Hamilton. Before her teaching career began, Hamilton’s young daughter passed away from cancer, and she would have been turning 18 this year. Hamilton also happens to be teaching the older students in the high school this school year, so she is reminded of her daughter often. 

Despite this challenge, Hamilton finds joy in the little parts of her job. Engaging with students and learning more about and from them is one of her favorite parts of being an educator. She especially loves when students finally understand a concept that they have been struggling with. 

“A student will make my day when finally the light bulb clicks in their head when they understand something that has been hard for them,” Hamilton said. 

In her free time, Hamilton enjoys reading and sewing. She also noted that she has a close circle of friends who she loves to spend time with as much as possible. 

“The friends I want in my life are the people who practice non-judgmental states of mind. I can be pretty random at times, so it’s important to have patient friends who don’t judge me for that,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton understands that high school is difficult for many of the students who attend LPHS. To the students who may be struggling, Hamilton wants students to know that high school is hard, but it gets easier. 

“High school will be the hardest years of your life. In college, the classes are harder, but the people are easier to be around. You get to pick the people you hang out with,” Hamilton said. 

Thanks to Mrs. Hamilton for persisting through this difficult time and making this school year as smooth as possible for students.


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Hamilton persists through pandemic