New teachers for the AP courses at LPHS


This year, many students at LPHS signed up to take AP courses. Because of this, LPHS changed how many teachers are taking on the AP classes that are offered to give teachers variety in what they teach.

The department with the most shifts is English. Three teachers have gained new AP classes: Ms. Barton is now teaching AP Literature, Mrs. Johnson is now teaching AP Language and Composition, and Mr. Wszolek is now teaching AP Seminar.

These teachers are joining the previous English teachers so that variation can be had.

Originally, the only teacher for AP Seminar was Mrs. McGuire, but this new change excites her.

“Mr. Wszolek and I collaborate together often since we are both English department chairs. We both went to the Seminar training together. I taught the class the first year, and then the second year there were too many kids for our schedules, so we split the class up,” McGuire said. “It’s really good to have someone to bounce ideas off of because English can be so subjective sometimes.”

While teachers may believe that this change would be scary, that isn’t how Ms. Barton feels. She’s quite joyful about her new students.

“I definitely didn’t know what I was doing at the beginning, and AP was hard for me to understand. Working with the students though was awesome, and we figured it out together,” Barton said. 

The new teachers do not end there. Mr. Olson and Mrs. Wilke are now co-teaching AP Calculus for seniors after the departure of veteran teacher Mrs. Welling retired.

Students think this duo is extremely helpful and talented at teaching the difficult class.

“It has definitely been a difficult class, but I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of help from the teachers. It really makes me feel more motivated to apply myself and work harder,” senior Logan Gard said.

LPHS is one of few schools in the area to offer the AP Capstone Diploma due to how many AP courses are offered here.

Despite the changes facing this school year, both students and teachers are adapting to their new AP courses and embracing these challenges.

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