LPHS students slide into spotlight in South Bend Hockey


This year, seven LPHS students have joined hockey teams in South Bend.

Kade Flores, Mason Neulieb, Teddy Merkel, Grady Boardman, Jacob Pinkerton, Murphy Burke, and Payton Joseph are all members of the Adams, Eagles, and Riley Wildcats teams.

All of these students joined hockey for their own reasons, but they are all connected by their passion for the sport.

“My favorite part about being in hockey is the competition aspect of it all. I originally joined because I could already ice skate. I enjoy getting to bond with my teammates while also getting better at a sport that I love,” Joseph said.

Usually, the teams have 2-4 games per week. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, some games have been cancelled this year. Each season has around 45 games, but this year the number has been diminished. The teams have already played about 25 games and have around 10 more left.

LPHS students who have attended these games can only describe the experience as exciting and fast-paced.

“I really enjoy going to the games because hockey is not really a big thing around here, so it is really fun! I like to go and watch something new,” senior Hannah Schoner said. “The energy also makes the experience so much better than it already is and it is really fun to cheer everyone on on the ice.”

This sport is not gender exclusive, and there is even a team with a female goalie.

Joining the hockey teams is different from joining other sports. In order to join, those interested have to attend an annual “draft skate.” Teams will gather to watch everyone skate around and will choose standout skaters to join their team. This event occurs in May.

“It is kind of difficult to get chosen. They are usually looking for people who have clearly been on ice for awhile,” Joseph said.

LPHS is proud to have students who excel in the classroom and on the ice.

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