Dawson develops students’ minds


Teachers have been faced with many challenges this year due to COVID-19, but Mrs. Dawson has found a way to persist and keep strong connections with students despite all of it.

This is Dawson’s ninth year of teaching at LPHS. She’s in the FACS department and teaches Interpersonal Relationships. In the past, she’s taught Prep for College and Careers, Child Development I and II, and a semester of Health.

Dawson is a graduate of Ball State University where she majored in Health and Education and IUPUI where she majored in Physical Education.

She added FACS to her license in 2010 to expand her horizons and market herself.

Dawson has wanted to teach her entire life thanks to her desire to help, which is at the core of who she is.

“I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I have always loved helping others and seeing that light bulb go off when they understand a concept. Kids make me smile every day,” Dawson said.

Before LPHS, Dawson taught at Wanatah School for three years. She taught K-8 Health, PE, and FACS there. She also spent a year at a middle school in Indianapolis, and a year and a half at an alternative school in Muncie. 

“I loved teaching in the smaller school setting and teaching health and physical education. It was just time to move on when I got hired here at LPHS. I love teaching at LPHS and teaching all FACS classes,” Dawson said.

Having Dawson teach at LPHS has helped students greatly, but it’s also helped Dawson herself.

“My students and coworkers are just the best. I love the feeling of community and family that is showcased here at LPHS,” Dawson said. “Slicers are unique and special. We really do have the best students around!”

Students feel the exact same about Dawson.

“She cares about her students more than she does anyone else, and she also takes care of her students, too. If you try hard in her classroom, you will pass,” sophomore Jeff Briggs said.

Outside of teaching, Dawson enjoys running half marathons and 5Ks. She also enjoys watching movies, reading books, exercising, hanging out with friends and family, traveling, and hiking at the Dunes.

Whether she’s at school or at home, Dawson makes all aspects of her life enjoyable.

Having Dawson here at LPHS has made learning more exciting and fun. 

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