Popeyes comes to LaPorte


A new fast food chain, Popeye is entering the La Porte market on the east side of town in March, and with it, a lot of discussion on it’s impact on the small local town.

Popeyes has been a restaurant that has quickly been gaining popularity in the last year or two, going from a well-kept secret to a nationwide phenomenon as many from across the country got into the hype of their spicy chicken sandwich. All across the country, local Popeyes were sold out of sandwiches and had drive-thru lines spilling out of the parking lot.

Those involved with construction in La Porte have been working diligently to get the place running, and are going faster than most people expected. 

While many are excited, some people wonder how the inclusion of Popeyes will affect other food businesses in the county. While most are very excited for the much-hyped restaurants inclusion, others are curious as to how it will affect other chains.

“I think Popeyes in LaPorte is going to be a big challenge to some of our usual fast food places such as Burger King and Mcdonalds,”  Ethan Gaze, who has worked in the fast food industry, said. “The place they put it is right in line with both of those businesses. Overall I feel like it will be a good addition, we needed some change and hopefully this will do it.”

This is a sentiment that Ali Mohammed, the La Porte Popeyes Owner Operator, agrees with as well. The more competition in LaPorte the more people will be drawn to the county. So at the end of the day, this is good for business in LaPorte, Popeyes, and other fast food restaurants.

“Competition is great for everyone, it is an essential ingredient for improvements. Everyone will have to do much better and that will help all restaurant operators improve the quality of operations and services,” Mohammed said.

While there is some skepticism from some, the hype for the restaurant is still there, as most view it as a bit of a much-needed update to La Porte’s fast food chain collection. Also, with a pay of $15 an hour, many young teenagers will find new job opportunities.

The Popeye’s will be built on the site in the Walmart outlet at 105 Boyd road.

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