Kring Ding on Popeyes


An underdog of the fast food industry is coming to La Porte and is bringing many happy customers with it.

For years, the community has had to put up with mediocre chicken restaurants that don’t deliver on the juicy and tasty birds that should be expected of the market nowadays. No more will we have to settle for the, in my opinion, weak KFC, because now, we are finally getting Popeyes. 

That’s right, the best chicken restaurant in the game, even outshining Chik-Fil-A is coming to LaPorte, and it seems everyone is ready.

“I thought it really did live up to how good people say it is,” Ethan Gaze, senior student, said. “I had the chicken sandwich and chicken legs and it was outstanding, great service and great food.”

The hype for the establishment has been unreal, as everyone is anticipating the opening of the now widely-known restaurant. While always being a personal favorite, the brand really gained popularity when they brought back their spicy chicken sandwich. The quality was unreal, the fluffy brioche bun is the perfect vehicle to hold a surreal and powerful combination of ingredients. The spicy mayo adds the right amount of tang, and plays off the crunchy pickles. All of it is held together by the delicious, juicy chicken that’s perfectly breaded.

Another staple of the restaurant is their fantastic biscuits. While some have complained they are too salty, most feel they are scrumptious and deserve all the hype they receive.

The people putting the restaurant here see the importance of it as well. The owner operator of the LaPorte Popeyes, Aby Mohammed, spoke very highly of the industry.

“Popeyes has the best products in the industry.” Mohammed said, “Last couple of years the brand started to get some of the well deserved recognition because they are developing more units and using technology to reach more guests.”

While some are hesitant for the inclusion of this titan of a food chain, most are excited to see what it’s inclusion will do for La Porte’s economy and the competition between other fast food chains. This is a sentiment that Mohammed agrees with as well. 

“Competition is great for everyone. It is an essential ingredient for improvements. Everyone will have to do much better and that will help all restaurant operators improve the quality of operations and services.” Mohammed said.

Whether it’s a casual fan or an individual involved in bringing it to La Porte, it seems most are excited for Popeyes.


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