Class of 2021 early graduates take the next step


With the first semester of the 2020/2021 school year closing in, several LPHS seniors are graduating early and stepping into the next chapter of their lives..

COVID-19 has taken a toll on various aspects of life, school being one of them. This year, many seniors decided to graduate early because of the pandemic.

“I only needed two more credits to graduate. I didn’t want to risk my family and my own health by continuing to go to school in person. I switched to online schooling around October. I was starting to get really tired mentally and physically since I have worked incredibly hard for all four years at school. I knew I needed the break from after January 15th until I start college in the fall,” senior Alli Glen said.

The pandemic wasn’t the only thing urging seniors to graduate early though. Students had their own personal reasons for this big choice.

“I personally just wanted to start working as soon as possible at a union job,” senior Jagger Eapmon said.

No matter the reason for their decisions, the early graduate seniors 

LPHS takes many steps to help students interested in graduating early. Counselors are primarily in charge of this process as they figure out the amount of credits needed, build schedules around the students’ needs, and help them throughout the entirety of early graduation.

“The teachers and counselors were always so supportive, and they all made sure, no matter what the question was, that I always had the information I needed,” senior Morgan Machler said.

2021 seniors have had a rough ending to their high school career as their junior and senior years were heavily impacted by COVID-19. This year’s early graduates believe that it was an important and correct decision for their futures.

“If you’re a hesitant senior who is thinking about graduating early, I’d say do it. It gives you space to breathe before venturing off into the new chapter of your life after high school,” Glen said.

Graduating early is the perfect experience for students who are unsure of what they want to do next. If a student is interested in graduating early, he/she/they should contact their counselor to get started on this process.

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