Lindeman continues to leave his mark


Paul Lindeman, Genetics and Biology teacher at LaPorte High School, has been sharing his love of science to students at LPHS for the last 37 years. 

Lindeman was born into a family of teachers, with both his parents and grandmother being lifelong educators. Although he was surrounded by teachers, Lindeman wanted to be a biologist. While he was in college, he learned that jobs were limited, and the research he was interested in required a Doctorate degree. Lindeman wasn’t sure if he should spend the amount of time and money that would go towards a possible career. Teaching allowed him to do what he is most passionate about. 

“I always liked working with kids, and teaching Biology allowed me to work in a field that checked off two of my passions,” Lindeman said. 

Lindeman received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Western Michigan University. He earned his Masters of Science in Secondary Administration from Purdue Calumet. He has also attended PNW, University of Indianapolis, and Michigan Technological University.

Lindeman has always expressed interest in life sciences, especially areas dealing with the human body, which is why Genetics is one of his favorite classes to teach. 

“Science is always changing as we learn new things about our world, and I enjoy learning about and sharing new information with others,” Lindeman said. 

Not only is Lindeman a successful teacher, but softball coach as well. 

Lindeman grew up in a coaching family and was always involved with sports. He started playing softball when he was 14 years old and continues to play to this day. Getting to work with students and coaching them to be great athletes was an ideal match for Lindeman. When given the opportunity to coach for the Slicers, he eagerly accepted the offer. 

Even though he put away his coaching hat a few years ago, it was recently announced that Lindeman would be coaching softball again. 

“I missed the adrenaline rush of competition and sharing in the success and teaching of student athletes. Being involved with a team has led to life-long friendships and even my marriage. I just love the sport,” Lindeman said. 

Everything has just aligned well for Lindeman. This area has given his all that he needs professionally and personally.

Getting to work in LaPorte has been a perfect fit for Lindeman. LaPorte has the small town feel that he grew up in, but is closer to bigger towns. He enjoys the lakes and all the nature that surrounds the area. He has also met some amazing people over the years.

Outside of school, Lindeman enjoys playing softball, fishing, camping, and golfing. He also loves to ride his Harley and raise Alaskan Malamutes.

Whether in nature or in the classroom, Lindeman is constantly impacting the lives of not only his students but anyone he encounters. 

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