Wilke stays positive while teaching during COVID


Teaching math is challenging as is, but it has been a particularly challenging feat this school year with safety regulations and technology posing difficulties for all teachers. Despite these challenges, the teachers in the LPHS math department have been continuously adapting and improving. One educator in the department, Ms. Wilke, has remained positive and hopeful through the challenges brought on by COVID-19 this year. 

Wilke has always known that she wanted to be a teacher. She looked up to her instructors and wanted to create the same environment they did in order to make an impact on her students when she became a teacher herself. 

“Ever since I started learning in elementary school, I was influenced by kind and thoughtful teachers. As I got into more difficult math classes in high school and college, I realized that I wanted to help make the math classroom a little more exciting,” Wilke said. 

The students are the biggest aspect that makes Wilke’s job rewarding. She loves working with high schoolers, helping them push past boundaries, and getting to know individuals. Seeing them be successful has proven to be the best part of her career. 

“The most rewarding part of teaching has been seeing students understand something or find joy in the math classroom for the first time. I love encouraging students, and teaching gives ample opportunities to see students grow,” Wilke said. 

Everytime a semester ends, Wilke upholds a tradition of taking a selfie with her whole class. She finds it to be a good way to remember her students and end the semester on a positive note. 

“It has been a great way for me to remember all of my students and say goodbye each semester,” Wilke said. 

Wilke’s teaching in math has spanned multiple classes; Algebra l, Geometry, and Calculus starting this year, taking over for Slicer legend Mrs. Welling. She loves all aspects of math and can find joy teaching any part of math.

“It is so difficult to say what part of math is my favorite because all the math classes are so different! In Geometry, I enjoy teaching angle pair relationships with all the crazy vocabulary. In Quantitative Reasoning, it is definitely the finance chapter because it goes through how money works in the real world. In Calculus, I love teaching derivatives and how all the previous math courses are applied,” Wilke said. 

Students who have had Wilke love how engaging Wilke is and how much extra work she puts in for her students, especially online. 

“She always puts in more work to make everything easier to access and understand. I appreciate how engaging she is, and how much she is willing to go the extra mile and help any given student,” Senior Tori said. 

Since free time can sometimes be scarce with teachers, Wilke uses it wisely. In her spare time, Wilke enjoys doing relaxing activities that help her unwind from the stresses of teaching. She enjoys being creative through cooking, painting, and writing. 

Teaching is a calling and it is clear that Wilke has found hers.


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