Lenig finds her niche for LPCSC


School counselors are crucial components in any educational environment. Despite the challenges brought by this school year, counselors have remained resilient and positive through it all. Mrs. Lenig, a school counselor at Crichfield Elementary, has persisted with her trademark smile and compassionate heart.

Lenig has been a school counselor for 21 years. She spent five years counseling at LaPorte High School, nine years at Boston Middle School, and seven years at various elementary schools. She knew she wanted to be a counselor when she realized all of the lives she could inspire while they were attending school.

“I wanted to make sure that kids of all ages had an adult who would help, advocate, and care about them at school, because I didn’t always feel I had that adult when I was growing up. I knew I could do those things for kids as a counselor,” Lenig said.

Working with her students is the best part of her job. She loves them all and tries to get to know each of her students by the end of the school year. She enjoys all school settings that she has worked in. Some of her best memories were from lunch duty for Boston Middle School. She loved one-on-one time with the students and creating interpersonal connections.

“I used to LOVE doing lunch duty for the 6th graders at Boston Middle School because I could have fun with and get to know the students differently then in my office or a classroom. Some of my favorite times ever were in the lunchroom at BMS with the students,” Lenig said.

While she loved working with middle school students, Lenig also finds joy in working with the younger students at Crichfield. She adores doing fun, engaging activities with them and watching them be joyful all the time.

“At the elementary school, I love to do fun things with the students like dance, play games, and even go out in the snow. I love the joy that elementary students have each day they come to school,” Lenig said.

To anyone hoping to become or considering becoming a school counselor someday, Lenig wants to stress the importance of multitasking and being flexible, as well as energetic. Though the job can be difficult at times, it is 100% worth it in Lenig’s eyes.

“One minute you could be teaching a lesson in the class and the very next minute dealing with a crisis or a student who is upset. A school counselor absolutely has to be flexible and multi-tasker with a lot of energy. I would tell anyone who wanted to become a counselor to do it! It is the most wonderful and rewarding job in the entire world. I love my job and the students so much,” Lenig said.

During her free time, Lenig enjoys teaching fitness classes, riding her bike, spending time with her kids, and cooking. During the summer, she loves being at Lake Michigan when she has spare time.

Counseling is not an easy job to do, but few do it as well as Lenig.



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