Combs’ crocheted creations


Crocheting has always been a passion for sophomore Samantha Combs. From a young age she remembers playing with crochet hooks. Recently, Combs has taken her passion and transformed it into a business. 

Combs officially began crocheting in fourth grade with assistance from her grandmother. She started small with washcloths, but now, she creates elaborate blankets with ease. 

Creating masterpieces has allowed her to create deeper bonds with her friends and family. Combs often gifts her crocheted products to loved ones to celebrate holidays and birthdays, which leaves a personalized touch with every stitch.

Even though crocheting may not seem like a typical activity for teenagers, Combs has found a way to integrate crocheting with her daily life. While watching Netflix, she finds herself creating washcloths and even crochets when she hangs out with her friends. 

“Sometimes, crocheting really brings out my inner old lady, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing,” Combs said.

Recently, she began selling her handmade products. In the beginning, she just sold to friends and family. 

“The blanket was so unique, and my mom knew that Sam’s work was going to get popular, so we had to make sure we got one,” Kristy Principe, LPHS senior and friend, said. 

However, after an uptick in sales, she began to expand her clientele. People were begging for a Combs’ original. 

I was proud to gift my family her crocheted potholders and washcloths for Christmas this year. They are beautiful and very well made,” LaPorte High School English teacher, Holly Welsh, said. 

Combs’ work has delighted many people, and if anyone is interested in owning his or her own Sam Combs’ original, then contact her Instagram: _samanthacombs.

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