Frank Ocean’s discography ranked


Born on October 28, 1987, in Long Beach, California, Frank Ocean has grown up to become one of R&B’s most prominent and influential artists. Despite only having two albums on most streaming platforms, Ocean has thrived throughout the music industry and the world.

This is my unofficial, opinionated ranking of Ocean’s songs including his two studio albums and released singles. This ranking is not based on overall greatness but rather my own preferences when it comes to music.

Disclaimer: I will not be including skits or anything from unofficially released albums.

#32 “Pretty Sweet” (Blonde)

“Pretty Sweet” is exactly its title. There is nothing extraordinary about the song. The average listener could easily get lost in the garbled noises found on this track. It’s still an amazing intermission, but it can’t compare to his other tracks.

#31 “Good Guy” (Blonde)

This track is short and simple. Frank is heard ranting about his problems over sweet piano chords. Its only downfall is that the track is only one minute and six seconds long, which feels too short.

#30 “White” (channel ORANGE)

John Mayer plays guitar during this track, but it is just an instrumental. It’s whimsical sounding and makes for good background music, but it doesn’t showcase Frank’s vocals in the ways other tracks do.

#29 “Skyline To” (Blonde)

This is the first genuine song so far on this ranking. “Skyline To” has a raw sound to it. Frank amplifies his personal relationship with his listeners by speaking to them normally until it leads into gorgeous vocals. My favorite lyrics from this track are “This is joy, this is summer. Keep alive, stay alive.” These lyrics stand out to me due to their innocence when compared to the rest of the song.

#28 “Futura Free” (Blonde)

The introduction to this song is almost three minutes long, which is why I’ve ranked it so low. It’s great otherwise if you’re willing to listen to the beginning.

#27 “Seigfried” (Blonde)

“Seigfried” is an emotional masterpiece. Its highlight is Frank screaming, “I’m not brave!” It’s a moment of weakness in the middle of an album all about heartache and moving on.

#26 “Close To You” (Blonde)

This is another short track about a breakup. Frank’s vocals are especially put in the spotlight during this song. The story it tells has its listeners anticipating every word. The music behind Frank’s vocals is minimal but effective.

#25 “Nikes” (Blonde)

“Nikes” is a well thought out track. My only problem with it is the excessive use of pitched up vocals. While this song is a fan favorite, it just doesn’t do it for me due to it lyrics which seem more shallow than usual for Frank.

#24 “Fertilizer” (channel ORANGE)

Despite being only 38 seconds long, this song is soft and sweet with a hint of humor. It starts off with a radio being switched until a station playing this song comes on. I think the creativity and uniqueness of this track helps it stand out despite its playfulness.

#23 “Thinkin Bout You” (channel ORANGE)

Arguably Frank’s most well known song, “Thinkin Bout You” is a story about daydreaming about a person he feels committed to. This song is beautiful. It is only placed here because of how overplayed it became. I still get down to it though. 😉

#22 “Lost” (channel ORANGE)

This track is groovy and the music makes the listener feel an unbearable need to dance along as Frank sings about his lover being lost in his or her interests. Something about this song is iconic. I love it. The hook is catchy and repetitive, “Lost. Lost in the heat of it all. Girl, you know you’re lost. Lost in the thrill of it all.”

#21 “Pyramids” (channel ORANGE)

“Pyramids” is an actual masterpiece. Fans argue this is his best song, and while it has so many amazing aspects, it is a little too long for my liking. The length of this song is important though as Frank tells a story that can’t be rushed. This song, in my opinion, best showcases just how good of a vocalist Frank Ocean is.

#20 “Crack Rock” (channel ORANGE)

This track tells the story of one of Frank’s friends who lost everything to his addiction problems. The track has interesting drums that play throughout the entirety and only cut off during Frank’s falsetto.

#19 “Pilot Jones” (channel ORANGE)

I almost placed “Pilot Jones” way higher due to how fun it is to listen to. It just puts me in a good mood. It can get a little repetitive, but I really enjoy it. My favorite part is the intro, “We once had things in common. Now, the only thing we share is the refrigerator. Ice cold, baby, I told you, I’m ice cold.”

#18 “Pink + White” (Blonde)

This song is very cute. It has this ‘ignorance is bliss’ vibe to it. It’s one of Frank’s happiest sounding songs, and for that reason, I really like it.

#17 “Monks” (channel ORANGE)

“Monks” is an upbeat story about running away with your love. It’s enthusiastic and fast paced. This song can be enjoyed no matter the audience listening.

#16 “Chanel”

“Chanel” is one of Frank’s most popular songs despite being a single. It’s a deep track about sexuality and figuring oneself out. It is soothing to listen to, but it has become a little overplayed.

#15 “Sierra Leone” (channel ORANGE)

“Sierra Leone” is a great example of 2010s R&B. Frank has a conversation with himself during the verses and then picks up the vocals during the choruses. It is calming and doesn’t seem to get old.

#14 “Forrest Gump” (channel ORANGE)

“Forrest Gump” was one of my favorites when I first listened to channel ORANGE, so it will always be sweet to me. The song describes an innocent high school love in ways only Frank can.

#13 “DHL”

“DHL” was released as a single in 2019. I didn’t like it upon first listen, but after a couple tries, I really enjoyed it. It is pretty quiet and vibey, perfect for listening to while getting ready for bed.

#12 “Solo” (Blonde)

“Solo” is also a wildly Frank track and for good reasons. Frank showcases his rapping abilities while still showing his fans that his vocals are unmatched.

#11 “White Ferrari” (Blonde

“White Ferrari” is this high up for one reason: the outro. It is beautiful to listen to. There’s an emotional rawness that only Frank knows how to personify into music. I love it. The lyrics during the outro are extremely emotional, “I’m sure we’re taller in another dimension. You say we’re small and not worth the mention.” 

#10 “Nights” (Blonde)

“Nights” is another popular Frank song. There’s a beat switch at the end of the track that is iconic. Many fans think of this song when they think of Frank.

#9 “Godspeed” (Blonde

“Godspeed” recently gained some popularity due to the app Tik Tok. I’m glad it did because it really is a beautiful song about being able to let go while still having love for someone. Important lessons can be learned within these lyrics.

#8 “Super Rich Kids” (channel ORANGE)

This song is everything I love about Frank. The verses are a little bit slow and choppy, but the choruses pick up into pretty vocals. The feature on here is great, too.

#7 “In My Room”

This single was released with “DHL” back in 2019, but I like it better. “In My Room” is so special. It’s pretty unique when compared to other Frank songs, and I like that a lot! The lyrics are personal between Frank and his listeners, “You won’t flinch when cameras flashin,’ flashin.’ Not fake laid back, no, it’s natural, and I think you made for the life I lead.”

#6  “Pink Matter” (channel ORANGE)

“Pink Matter” genuinely sounds ethereal. It’s one of my absolute favorites. The only problem with this track, for me, is a big one. The track features fellow artist André 3000, and his verse is questionable to say the least. His tone just doesn’t fit the style of the song in my opinion. All of that aside though, this track is amazing.

#5 “Novacane”

“Novacane” is another single. It’s explicit, but the story it tells is interesting. It’s hard to stop listening to. I’ve played this song many times over the past couple years, and I’ve never felt sick of it.

#4 “Self Control” (Blonde)

“Self Control” utilizes auto tune in the right ways. It sounds authentic and raw. I like it a lot because of how fluid it feels. It’s definitely one of Frank’s best tracks.

#3 “Sweet Life” (channel ORANGE)

This track showcases Frank’s vocals once again. It’s about taking advantage of and being grateful for the little things in life, and I like that message. It’s also just fun to listen to. The lyrics make the track feel exactly like the title, sweet, “You’ve had a landscaper and a housekeeper since you were born. The sunshine always kept you warm. So, why see the world when you got the beach? Don’t know why see the world when you got the beach. Sweet life.”

#2 “Bad Religion” (channel ORANGE)

“Bad Religion” is a song about, well, religion. Frank vents to his taxi driver about how he feels unwanted by any God due to his sexuality. This song is emotional and sad, and I’ve always resonated with it deeply.

#1 “Ivy” (Blonde)

I personally think “Ivy” is Frank’s saddest song by a long shot. This track literally brings out emotions in me that I didn’t know I had. Listeners can hear the rawness and pain in Frank’s voice as he ranges from singing, whispering, screaming, and even bargaining with his lover. It is beautiful and unmatched.

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