Elementary counselors go above and beyond


Life as a counselor is difficult enough, but this year has taken it to a new level. 

The elementary school counselors are working hard in order to make sure the students are doing well during these unprecedented times. 

Nathan Mrozinski, Hailmann Elementary School counselor, has been working hard to ensure his students continue to have an amazing year. 

For Mrozinski, some of the biggest challenges have been reaching out to the students on a personal level during remote learning. Although Zoom meetings make it harder to reach out, Mrozinski still Zooms with the children and gives online lessons when remote. There have been many changes to counseling this school year. Their schedule has changed every other week, and due to those circumstances, it leaves a lack of consistency which the students rely on. 

“We are all making the best out of this horrible situation, but we need this to be over soon to get these kids back in the classroom five days a week,” Mrozinski said. 

Jill Fox, Indian Trail Elementary School counselor, has also been assuring that the students receive all the help they need.

The frequently changing schedules and planning different lesson plans have been much tougher for Fox this year. Having students that struggle with lack of stability and not being able to see them at school everyday makes it harder for them to reach out and give lesson plans. Each week, Fox partakes in weekly Zoom meetings, and if she can’t Zoom, she shares recorded Loom videos. Fox follows the Second Step curriculum, which addresses Skills for empathy, learning, problem solving, and how to calm down. Fox is hopeful that being back full time will benefit everyone. 

“However, now that we are back to five days a week, hopefully we will stay that way so students can get back into the regular schedule and swing of things,” Fox said.

Along with all the many elementary counselors, Jody Martin, Kingsford Heights Elementary School counselor, has been working to ensure that her students can always have someone to talk to.

Martin agrees that the biggest challenge for her would be the inconsistency of days that students are in school. 

“Kids need structure and consistency in their life, and some kids only have that during school,” Martin said. 

Martin takes part in weekly lessons and checks in on her students with Zoom. There has been a noticeable gap in the students’ education, but Martin hopes being full time that’ll change.

“I think now that we are going five days a week we will see our students grow so much from now until the end of the school year. I am excited to see that,” Martin said.

The elementary schools are lucky to have such amazing counselors during these tough times. 

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