A change in path lands LaRocco at LPHS


More often than not, life turns out different than originally planned and takes a turn. Ms. LaRocco, LPHS business teacher, can attest to that.

Before starting her teaching career, LaRocco attended Indiana University- Bloomington and earned her B.A in Communications with a minor in Business. She then started working in public relations, holding jobs where she would market and advertise for large corporations such as Ace Hardware, Microsoft, and the National Pork Producers Council. Subsequently, she took a few years off to raise her kids. After this, she started working again at INDOT where she then worked in communications, engineering management, and construction management.

LaRocco also helped create programs that could help train adults who didn’t have proper on the job training while working in the private sector. This was rewarding for her and helped spark her interest in teaching. That spark led LaRocco to move from the business world to education, which allows her to use her extensive background in business in her classroom.

“I am fortunate to bring my varied background to teaching where I can share my experiences with the students in the lessons. I teach Business Management, Business Law, Personal Finance, and the Work Co-op program,” LaRocco said.

LaRocco enjoys using lessons students create to help teach a lesson. Students use interactive software, activities, and lessons to learn a concept. For example, in Personal Finance, students are engaging in a budget simulation where they have bills and expenses to pay over the course of 10 weeks.

“One of my favorite things to do with students is to help them learn a concept with examples that they create. It’s fun watching students work together as they apply concepts learned in the classroom,” LaRocco said.

Teaching uses an abundance of energy and motivation, which LaRocco has demonstrated. She appreciates the opportunity to work with young adults everyday in hopes of sparking an interest for their future. Seeing students get excited about learning is what motivates her.

“I enjoy working with students and adults and helping them realize their potential. It could be helping someone with the simplest task to help another person achieve a long-term goal. I enjoy helping people feel good about themselves. I don’t necessarily need to take credit in the help offered, I just enjoy watching someone become successful in some way,” LaRocco said.

LaRocco loves the diversity of teaching. Even on difficult days, helping a student or having an old student reach out, makes it worth it.

“The most rewarding part of teaching is having the opportunity to work with students from all different backgrounds. They learn from me, and I learn from them. If I help one student a day understand a concept or idea that he or she is struggling with, that makes all of the hard days worth it,” LaRocco said.

A piece of advice LaRocco has for any prospective teachers is to not take themselves too seriously. Classrooms can be unexpected at times, and it is important to adapt to those circumstances.

“Life is short and you should enjoy what you are doing. It’s great to be organized and have plans for every day but sometimes you need to read the vibe of the classroom and be flexible, LaRocco said.

In her free time, LaRocco enjoys a multitude of hobbies. She is involved in gymnastics and has been for over 20 years, even coaching the girls’ gymnastics team at LPHS and judging for USA Gymnastics. She also enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and relaxing at the beach.

LaRocco is an exemplary addition to the LPHS staff and students are lucky to have her.




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A change in path lands LaRocco at LPHS