Apple Valley Natural Foods makes LaPorte healthier


Located at 613 Michigan Ave, Apple Valley Natural Foods has been helping citizens for almost a year now. This unique store is known for its vegan/vegetarian based foods and options.

Originally called Natural Life, the store was opened in 1982 but was recently sold to Apple Valley Natural Foods on April 8th, 2020. 

Supplements, personal care products, teas, whole grains, veggie meats, water, cereals, and more alternatives to unhealthy foods are all offered at this grocery store.

Apple Valley Natural Foods is primarily ran by Marcia Henning, and she is passionate about living healthier.

“I want to share a health message with everyone. How they process and grow our food is one of the big reasons why we have so much disease and sickness in our country because they put all kinds of fillers and multisyllabic words into foods. I always say, ‘If you can’t read it, don’t eat it,’” Henning said.

Unlike big companies, Apple Valley Natural Foods develops a personal relationship with their customers which helps solidify their trustworthiness. Not only will they search for products for buyers, but they will also guide them through their dietary challenges or changes. 

“If we don’t have it, we’ll try to find it for you. We’ll do everything we can to help you find solutions to dietary issues or alternative things you can turn to instead of medication. If we eat right and exercise and drink water and be temperate in what we do, don’t overwork, don’t overeat, get plenty of sleep, we’ll be a lot healthier,” Henning said. 

Being located in a small town is essentially ideal for this business as there really isn’t another store nearby quite like this one. Vegans and vegetarians might’ve had to drive distances in the past to find groceries right for them but not anymore.

Henning believes eating organically is important since it was the original diet.

“The closer we are to nature in the way it was intended to be, the healthier we will be. What we eat and drink impacts our health. It’s important to balance your foods. Raw foods are the best for you: raw fruits, raw nuts, raw vegetables, raw seeds. There’s all kinds of substitutes for even your dairy. Dairy is so polluted; we have a lot of alternatives like a cheese that’s made out of coconut milk,” Henning said.

If interested in a chemical and meat free diet change, be sure to check out Apple Valley Natural Foods.

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