Black History Month: Nick Cave

Black History Month: Nick Cave


There are several important aspects to Black History Month: the people, the ideas, and their actions. American sculptor Nick Cave is changing the way people view art and giving it a whole new meaning.

Cave was born on February 4, 1959 in Fulton, Missouri. Cave’s upbringing all started with him changing his older siblings’ hand-me-downs so that they were more his personality and not just the same clothes his siblings once wore. Along with the clothing, the support Cave had from his family encouraged his start with sculpting, dance, and performing. 

Cave graduated from Hickman High School in 1977, and he then enrolled into the Kansas City Art Institute where he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1982.

Cave is well known for his work, but his most recognizable pieces of art are his soundsuits, which are costumes that cover a person’s body completely, and while in these costumes the performers are able to express themselves without being recognizable. He has made over 500 soundsuits. 

According to Public Delivery, They camouflage the shape of the wearer, enveloping and creating a second skin that hides gender, race, and class, thus compelling the audience to watch without judgment.” 

According to Public Delivery, most of Cave’s work represents both material and social culture, which include identity, race, and gender. He accomplishes this by hiding his performers so that the audience isn’t able to profile them. 

Cave currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, where he directs the graduate fashion program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Along with directing, he still works with soundsuits.

I choose to write about Nick Cave because his passion for art and allowing others to express themselves has bettered the art community. His ideas have created a new meaning to the way myself and others view life.


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