Maudlin becomes National Merit Finalist


Senior Jill Maudlin was named a National Merit Finalist, making her the first Slicer in recent memory. 

According to the College Board, only 1% of the nation’s finest, or approximately 15,000 students, annually are accredited the esteemed honor of being a National Merit Finalist. To be eligible, a student must score 1440 or higher on the PSAT. Being announced as a finalist was a tremendous honor for Maudlin. 

“I never expected to go so far in the competition, but I’m thrilled to be here,” Maudlin said. 

Along with being a National Merit Finalist, Maudlin also was the recipient of the Lilly Scholarship, which covers the tuition costs of any university in the United States. She felt nervous as the Lilly Scholarship application is only open for a month. 

“When the application opened, I felt confident in the work I’ve done in the community. I wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote my essays to fine-tune them and show my impact as best I could,” Maudlin said. 

Both students and teachers are astounded by Maudlin’s mentality that shines beyond her unparalleled academic career. 

“I’m so incredibly proud of and elated for this National Merit Scholar. Investing in her dreams and ambitions is the smartest decision anyone could make because she is a world-changer. Her countless talents and impeccable character can move mountains, most notably her unwavering devotion to fight for what is right and just,” Mrs. McGuire, LaPorte High School teacher, said. 

Maudlin’s dedication to her community is prevalent in every aspect of her life. Maudlin participates in Spell Bowl, Academic Super Bowl, and Science Olympiad. Also, she founded the Slicer Mentor Club and created a homework hotline to assist students during online learning. Additionally, she is one of only two representatives on the YMCA Advocacy Board, which relentlessly advocates for funding for initiatives such as youth voices in government, universal swimming lessons, and affordable after school care. 

Looking to the future, Maudlin plans on attending the prestigious University of Notre Dame, double majoring in Neuroscience and Physics in Medicine on the pre-med track. She aspires to be a neurosurgeon. 

Maudlin is a proud example of what a Slicer can be, and LaPorte High School cannot wait to see her accomplishments in the future. 

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