The gift that keeps on giving: Katy’s Crafts and Gifts


Katy Gartland has been a prominent member of the city of La Porte for years. She is a dedicated cardiac nurse at Franciscan Health and longtime volunteer at the La Porte Little Theatre. Now, she is expanding her community involvement with her small business, Katy’s Crafts and Gifts. 

Gartland has always had a natural knack for crafting. During quarantine, she found herself tinkering with different materials. Once her house was overrun with crafts, she decided to start selling her creations at the Co-op Shops in La Porte. 

“My mother-in-law actually recommended me to start selling my crafts there, and I did. The Co-op Shops are a local, unique shopping experience,” Gartland said. 

Experimenting with multiple techniques allows Gartland to create unique crafts. In fact, all of her creations are different. 

“My cards are never the same. My creativity depends on the day, and I can never recreate the same craft,” Gartland said. 

In her shop, she offers wood signs, cards, paper purses, and house decorations. Her best sellers include circular wooden welcome signs and seasonal home decor. 

“I have purchased various hand crafted items, such as a Hot Cocoa Bar sign, unique cards, wooden holiday door decor, as well as, a welcome sign. You can’t beat the quality and originality of her work! Giving and creating is in her DNA,” Brandy Salisbury, a loyal customer, said. 

Along with giving her an outlet to craft, Gartland’s business has also allowed her to create a deeper bond with her father. By assisting each other, their relationship has grown in ways they never thought possible. 

“My father and I have never really talked on the phone, but working in the woodshop with each other daily, we learn more about each other. We became closer than ever before,” Gartland said. 

Inspiring her daughters is another positive impact her business has had on her. She hopes her business helps them gain confidence.

“I think my business shows my girls that if they want to start a business or any journey in life, they just need to start,” Gartland said. 

However, the best part of Gartland’s business journey is the satisfaction of knowing that her crafts inspired someone else. Watching people’s pure joy about receiving one of her crafts brings Gartland immeasurable happiness. 

“I made a special order for one of my clients. I got to watch her open her gift on Christmas morning, and seeing her reaction was really special to me. Also, I actually had people repaint their front doors to match my door signs,” Gartland said. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of Gartland’s crafts, he/she can visit her booth at the Co-op shops or contact her Facebook: Katy’s Crafts and Gifts.

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