Tori’s opinion: ranking the sun signs


People are born into different cultures, families, and beliefs, but there is one thing that connects us all: the stars. Everyone is born under the same stars. The only difference is the location of them.

The stars determine our zodiac signs, and everyone is born with many different signs and placements; however, most people relate closest to their sun sign. The sun sign has to do with the month you’re born in.

This is my unofficial ranking of the sun signs and how well I get along with them.

Disclaimer: My personal sun sign is Cancer. Also, I reserve the right to change this list at any given time.

#12: Aquarius (Air)

In last place, I decided to put Aquarius. The air signs can be cold and closed off. As a Cancer, I feel every emotion deeply, and the sign that does not is Aquarius. This has caused for me to have some dislikings to this sign in the past. I do admire them for their weirdness and comfortability to be themselves; however, if I had to put any sign in last place, it would have to be Aquarius.

#11 Gemini (Air)

I guess I’m already establishing a theme: air signs aren’t my favorite. Geminis can be fun and easy to get along with, but they have a tendency to be deceptive and two faced. Geminis are also spontaneous and impulsive. I can’t relate to Geminis at all honestly. I haven’t met very many Geminis who I enjoyed being around, but I can say that they are caring.

#10 Virgo (Earth)

Most of the people I know are Virgos. I don’t have a problem with them, but I can acknowledge that they are overly critical, judgmental, and uptight. At the same time, however, Virgos are also extremely determined and detail oriented, and I can greatly appreciate that. Virgos can be hit or miss for me.

#9 Sagittarius (Fire)

I personally don’t know too many Sagittarius, which is why I placed them here. My sister is a Sagittarius, and she’s very impulsive and quick witted. From what I’ve seen, Sagittariuses can be loud and exciting. I also think they tend to lie when they are under pressure, but other than that, I don’t think they’re too bad.

#8 Leo (Fire)

Again, I don’t know a whole lot of Leos, but from the ones I’ve met they aren’t terrible; they’re still not my favorite. Leos are persistent and alluring, but sometimes they come off as too much, which can be bothersome. Leos are confident in themselves and what they do which makes them fun to be around and comfortable to be with.

#7 Pisces (Water)

As a Cancer, I am supposed to be compatible with Pisces, but most of them that I’ve met have been narcissistic and good at lying. Pisces are known for being funny and weird, and I can agree with that, but I personally believe that their cons outweigh their pros. I know multiple Pisces who I do currently get along with, so I placed them a little higher than I would’ve previously. 

#6 Taurus (Earth)

Tauruses are hit or miss for me, but as a Cancer, they’re supposed to be the sign I get along with the most, and for the most part, that’s true. I haven’t met many Tauruses, but I enjoy their company. They’re tired but also exciting and down for anything. Tauruses are good at deep conversations and are really conscious about all of their environmental decisions. I admire that about them deeply.

#5 Aries (Fire)

Aries are hit or miss for me. Some of them are kind and loveable and others are hot heads. They’re not too great, not too bad, they’re in the middle. I know many Aries including my best friend, Joshua Hurst. Aries are stubborn and impulsive, but when you get to know an Aries, they become much more sensitive and emotional. I feel like Aries are misunderstood, but I enjoy being around them greatly.

#4 Libra (Air)

Libras are flirtatious and fast thinkers. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Libra I disliked. Although my sign is not supposed to be compatible with them, I always find myself enjoying their company. Libras are sarcastic and witty, and, in my opinion, they’re one of the funniest sun signs. Libras can be a bit narcissistic, but it doesn’t bother me.

#3 Scorpio (Water)

I feel like Scorpios are misunderstood. People often stereotype them as intimidating and aggressive, but I actually think that once people get to know a Scorpio, they can see how emotional and vulnerable they can be. My dad is a Scorpio, so I might be a little biased, but I personally think I mesh very well with this sign. Scorpios are hard working and great listeners. Their traits are, in my opinion, some of the best traits to have.

#2 Cancer (Water)

Yeah, I placed my own sign in second place because I’m a narcissist as well. I’ve met many Cancers over the years and have become close friends with lots of them. Cancers are known for being emotional and caring, and I believe that fully. I also think Cancers are decently misunderstood; many people think the emotionalness is a ploy for manipulation, but I think it depends on the person. Overall, I think Cancers are funny and caring, and I enjoy being around them.

#1 Capricorn (Earth)

I LOVE Capricorns. Every single one of them I have met, I have loved being around. They’re such hard working people but also fun to be around. Their facial features are often attractive and being an Earth sign, they really care about the environment. Any time, I meet someone who is a Capricorn, I immediately take a strong liking to them.

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