Christopher Alber

LPHS changes schedule


LaPorte High School recently went back to the non-early release schedule, which started on March 15th, which keeps all students until the normal 2:40 end time. 

The original idea behind the early release was due to the high spreading level count of COVID-19 back in August. Releasing students in waves was a way to minimize student contact during departure. 

The new schedule still begins at 7:45 and ends at 2:40. Instead of having SRT after seventh hour, it will be moved to after sixth on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Attendance will be taken in SRT. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes will be 50 minutes long. 

The new schedule was decided on by the Slicer Leadership Team and the administration. There were concerns about supervision and lack of attendance in SRT. With the color threat level going back down to yellow and blue and the Indiana Department of Health reducing the social distancing guidelines, there was no longer a need for an early dismissal. 

Although it may seem unreasonable to change the schedule this late in the year, there are benefits. The schedule will be adding 15 more minutes a week to each class period, which will help students academically. SRT will now be only twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will provide students with important updates along with a social emotional learning lesson.

“The whole point of the Slicer Resource Time is to provide an adult mentor or advocate for each of our students,” Mr. Alber, principal of LPHS, said. 

Shortly after the announcement of the new schedule, a student petition was made to eliminate the new schedule, but due to decreasing numbers, there is no use for an early dismissal. 

“We have never had an early release prior to the pandemic, and now that the numbers are improving and the state guidelines have changed, the early release schedule is no longer necessary,” Alber said. 

Although there are concerns, the administration is actively monitoring the situation and will adjust accordingly. 


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