Gonzales strengthens students’ minds


For three years, LPHS science teacher Ms. Gonzales has been teaching students to love the subject just as much as she does.

Gonzales graduated from IUPUI in 2013 but also attended University of Evansville, Ivy Tech, and University of Western Australia.

Before she was teaching, Gonzales was a teacher’s assistant at McCulloh Junior High in Marion, Indiana, for four years. She also taught at Perry Middle school in Indianapolis. This preparation for teaching allowed her to pick up on techniques to help students learn while also having fun.

Career wise, Gonzales is not limited to teaching. She has experienced working at restaurants, book stores, gyms, and more.

Gonzales discovered her passion for teaching when her hardships forced her to find stability.

I got really stuck in life after one of my places of employment went out of business. I struggled through unemployment, moving, relationship disasters and I needed to find stability. So at 30, I moved back in with my parents and started my transition to teaching courses. I knew I wanted to teach science. Science is the best subject area (minus chemistry). I filled high school with science and art electives. I applied to be a biology teacher, but they needed an Earth Science teacher. Mrs. Beatty and I set out to make Earth Science the best course you can take,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales thoroughly enjoys geeking out over science. Since Earth Science isn’t her background, she taught everything to herself the first year that she taught students. The subject fascinates her because she’s still learning.

“I like inspiring students–or at least that’s what my intention is–to care a little more about the world around them. I find this subject to be one of the most important right now. We need to understand our home and how we’re affecting it,” Gonzales said.

Apart from teaching, Gonzales enjoys traveling, hiking, riding her bicycle, kayaking, gardening, cooking, painting, binging tv shows, and cuddling with her cats.

Whether it’s inside or outside of school, Gonzales is making sure to make the most of her life. In her short time at LPHS, she has already made an indelible impact on the science department and students.

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