Gradi hits a strike


LaPorte High School has many talented sports teams, one of which is the boys’ bowling team. One of the high achieving bowlers on the team is junior Ian Gradi who has been competing on the LPHS team for three years now. 

Gradi first started bowling when he moved to LaPorte in fifth grade. Since then, he has participated in multiple leagues at Casey’s Lanes and has competed in tournaments around Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.

On average, Gradi spends more than five hours a week on bowling. He finds himself practicing at available bowling alleys around LaPorte most often. This hard work and long hours paid off when Gradi reached his personal best score: a 299. This year, Gradi went so far as to compete at a Semi State competition. 

Gradi has vast goals for his future. He plans to bowl in college and hopefully obtain scholarships for his hard work. By the time he graduates high school next year, Gradi wishes to bowl a perfect game- a 300- and beat his current record. He would like to go professional and become well known for his skills, as well as eventually come back to LaPorte and become the bowling coach at LPHS. 

“I would love to go out and chase my dreams on the pro bowling tour and try to make a name for myself. I would also enjoy being able to come back to LPHS and coach the team and keep bowling on the map at LPHS and keep the program running,” Gradi said. 

A piece of advice Gradi has for anyone considering bowling would be to not let anyone’s hurtful words get in your way of success. Bowling is a sport that requires skill, and that does not come without practice and hard work. 

“I’ve heard it all, from, ‘it takes no talent to be a good bowler,’ ‘bowling isn’t even a sport,’ ‘why waste your time on bowling?’ But I love what I do so it doesn’t really affect me anymore. If you truly want to give it a try, I 100% say go for it,” Gradi said. 

His biggest motivation is the want to better himself. He pushes himself constantly, which keeps him going on to meet all of his goals. His family and teammates are also a huge support system and motivation. 

“There is always something in my bowling that I know needs work or can be improved. I really make sure to push myself to the limit and give it all I’ve got. My family and teammates are also huge motivators for me. My mom goes out of her way to take me anywhere I need to bowl and my dad teaches me everything  I need to know about bowling,” Gradi said. 

LaPorte is so proud to have such a hardworking and motivated athlete on our bowling team. 


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