LPHS’ shining star: Aura Grott


Senior Aura Grott is a shining star in the theater department at LaPorte High School. His immense talent shines through in the multitude of productions he has done at LPHS. 

Recently starring in LPHS’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Grott has blossomed as a performer. Playing the lead role of Christopher Boone allowed Grott to end his high school acting career on a high point. 

Grott has always had a passion for theater. Growing up watching musicals sparked his initial interest for the arts. However, his true enthusiasm for theater stemmed from his first performance, at Marquette, where he previously attended. 

“I was in Marquette High School’s production of Seussical the Musical, where I played the Grinch. Once I was in an actual show, I found a passion for theater that I wasn’t aware of,” Grott said. 

LPHS theater director Richard Snyder noticed Grott’s dedication to the program when he joined his junior year and appreciates how Grott always goes the extra mile for every production he is apart of. 

“Grott is always willing to learn and is open to criticism, which allows him to improve and expand his knowledge on the craft. He proved himself last year when a student dropped out of Frankenstein, and he took the title role with only two weeks until opening night,” Snyder said. 

Theater has impacted Grott’s life in more ways than one. He now feels more confident in every day life as a result of participating in theater. 

“I think it has helped me be more open. I’m still rather timid, but performing or presenting comes to me easier now,” Grott said. 

Despite his natural gift for acting, Grott longs for a career in a different aspect of theater.

“I find set design or directing very interesting and, at least, easier to get work in,” Grott said. 

As Grott prepares for life after high school, he is confident that theater will always remain a large aspect of his life. Whether it be acting or working behind the scenes, Grott will continue to be a light on and off the stage.

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