Thornton continues as LPHS’ weatherman


With some experience under his belt, and the same passion as before, Braiden Thornton continues to impress and inform everyone as LPHS’ weatherman.

Since he first emerged on the scene, Thornton has made a name for himself. He quickly became known as the guy who delivers funny, detailed, and helpful weather reports to the students of the high school. He became a fan favorite within days, and many students look forward to the reports he gives most mornings.

When Slicer Newsroom last talked to him, Thornton had just begun his weatherman career for the school. Since then his passion, views, and skills have grown.

“I read off a paper, but I make it myself. I am a little bit more confident this year,” Thornton said. 

For Thornton, reporting the weather for the school is not just a fun hobby but his career. He takes his responsibility seriously as this job is important to him. 

Despite most students appreciating Thornton’s reports, there has been some serious pushback to his programming. Multiple times his announcements have been threatened to be terminated; however, these setbacks haven’t dulled Thornton’s passion for his work though. 

Thornton’s goals have mostly stayed the same since Slicer Newsroom last spoke to him. He still wants to graduate high school and attend Valpo University to become a meteorologist.

Many examples of Braiden’s passion can be seen throughout his various social media accounts, like on Instagram where he reports the weather for those who follow him. He’s also sparked disagreements with several news reporters who provided incorrect data readings on some of their weather reports. Thornton ensures they fix these, so they aren’t misinforming the public. 

Thornton continues to light up most peoples’ mornings when he gets on to deliver the news. Most students and teachers would agree he’s a joy to listen to and a bright spot of a school year filled with ups and downs.

“He’s a really cool guy, and I think he is doing a great job. I like that he does it because I never look at the weather, and I always want to know what the weather is that day,” Nolan Back, LPHS Senior, said.

Whether it’s rain or shine, Thornton will be sure to deliver the forecast with gusto.


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