Bortz inspires students through different subjects


Great skill is needed to master and teach a subject. It is beyond impressive when someone can do so with two, especially with subjects at completely different sides of the spectrum. Mrs. Bortz, a former reading and current math teacher at LaPorte Middle School, has accomplished such a feat.

Before starting at Boston Middle School during the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, Bortz taught in Lawrence Township and Michigan City. The 2020-2021 school year marks her 21st year of teaching.

Bortz knew she wanted to be a teacher from an early age. Although she knew what her career path would lead to, she had difficulties finding what exactly she wanted to teach.

“I have always loved school, learning new things and kids so it was an easy choice for me. Choosing what subject I wanted to teach was the more difficult choice,” Bortz said.

Bortz began her career in education as a reading teacher. She did this for most of her career until just recently, when she made the switch to teach math. She loves both subjects equally and is immensely passionate about learning and teaching both.

“I loved teaching reading, which I did for most of my career. Recently, I switched to math, and I love it. I miss talking about books with students, but I love the problem-solving aspect of math,” Bortz said.

Bortz was motivated to switch subjects after feeling the desire to challenge herself with a new subject. She was qualified and decided to go for it. She also enjoyed the idea of creating brand new lesson plans for her incoming students.

“One of my favorite parts of teaching is coming up with lessons that are new or unique. Switching subject areas allowed me to come up with completely new and interesting lessons. Sometimes, it is just nice to get a change,” Bortz said.

Teaching is highly rewarding for Bortz. She loves forming relationships with students and watching them grow. She especially enjoys seeing former students and catching up with how they are doing.

“She makes math easy and fun. She is always patient with her students and there for you when you need help,” eighth grader Katie Bellah said about Bortz.

Besides teaching, Bortz enjoys baking cookies, reading, listening to podcasts, watching hockey, and spending time with her children.

Mrs. Bortz is an exceptional teacher whose knack for teaching across different subjects is greatly appreciated at LPMS and throughout the entire corporation.



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