Hardesty opens young eyes to science


Science is an interactive and immersive subject to learn about. The pandemic has brought challenges to students learning about the subject and even more roadblocks to the teachers educating and creating lesson plans. One instructor who has kept innovating through the hardships of this school year is LaPorte Middle School science teacher Mrs. Hardesty. 

Hardesty has been teaching for 13 years, all for LaPorte Community Schools. 11 of those years were spent at Boston Middle School and two have been at LaPorte Middle School. She was motivated to become a teacher after working as an environmental scientist and feeling like she was in the wrong place. She always loved school, and her parents were educators, so she decided to give teaching a try. 

Hardesty’s biggest motivators include students, environmental consciousness, and kindness in the world. She hopes to empower women and her students, whom she loves to see grow throughout the year. 

“I am motivated to make this world more loving, environmentally friendly, and kind. Seeing students grow in their kindness, maturity, and knowledge is the most rewarding part of my job. I am also motivated to prove that women are powerful and strong,” Hardesty said. 

Science is an area that Hardesty is passionate about learning and teaching. She finds it important to understand science and use reliable sources in making decisions in order to make healthy choices, especially in the age of COVID-19. 

“This last year has shown us how important it is to be knowledgeable about science. It has shown us how much science can improve the world and solve problems. It is important to understand science so that we can critically think and understand the information being shared with us. Not all sources are equal,” Hardesty said. 

Hardesty is particularly fascinated by environmental science and genetics, and chemistry. She loves learning about children and finds that lesson plans and labs are typically more fun for her and students. 

In her free time, Hardesty enjoys running, lifting weights, reading, and being at the beach and collecting beach glass. 

Hardesty’s impact on students has not gone unnoticed, and she is valued and appreciated throughout the entire district. Her hard work and dedication has led to classes of students excited about science. 


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