Prom King and Queen 2021


Prom has come and gone again. Despite a few hiccups, LaPorte High School made its dance possible by following the local healthcare guidelines and through the endless support of the community. With Prom comes a queen and king, and this year, Trevor Stachowski and Hannah Hartsburg took the roles.

Both candidates spoke highly of the school’s prom and the hard work to follow the rigorous guidelines set by the health department.

“I feel like they did good for what circumstances they were under,” Stachowski said.

The two candidates were popular among students, prevalent in sports, and involved with the school as a whole.

The actual winning itself was a touching and monumental moment for both of the candidates. 

Hartsburg was doubtful that she would win, and instead just enjoyed the experience of going.

“I thought all the other kids were super nice and had a greater chance of winning, so I didn’t think that I would. I was very excited because I didn’t know that many people would vote for me,” Hartsburg said.

Stachowski was much more confident in himself, saying he knew he had a strong chance to win because of his outgoing personality and nice flow. He thought it was exhilarating to win.

This is all the cherry on top to what Stachowski and Hartsburg described as a good senior year. Both enjoyed it though Hartsburg did comment it was a little chaotic, managing sports, social life, and her schooling, but ultimately felt that it was a thrilling adventure.

After high school they both intend to go to college. Hartsburg plans to study at Purdue University to study psychology, and Stachowski will be attending Marion University to play Lacrosse. 

Winning prom king or queen is just the start of an amazing beginning for these two. The perfect end to Hartsburgs’ and Stachowski’s final chapter of high school.


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