McGuire to leave LPHS


Beloved English teacher Mrs. McGuire is leaving LaPorte High School after six years to teach at Penn High School. 

Wanting to spend more time with her daughter, McGuire made the tough decision to transfer schools in order to be closer to home. 

“Ultimately, I think this change will help my family. My daughter Molly has changed my life in beautiful ways–one of them being that she has taken top priority. With this change, I’ll be much closer to home and working and living in the same time zone,” McGuire said. 

During her time at LPHS, McGuire taught English 9 & 10, Contemporary Literature, Freshman Learning Community, and AP Seminar.

McGuire actively inspires her students to be more confident in class as well as in themselves. Most importantly, she teaches her students to be kind to themselves and each other. 

“Ever since I was in Mrs. McGuire’s AP Seminar class my sophomore year, I have learned to become empathetic as well as become true to my character. I am continuing to better myself because of her,” former student Hannah Schoner said.  

Working as a department head for two years, McGuire made meaningful connections with her coworkers. 

“You know how sometimes you lose one of your shoes, and you think, ‘Do I really need both shoes?’ That’s how I feel about losing one of my best friends and without a doubt, one of the best educators LPHS has ever had. I can survive with just one shoe but having both is so much better. I wish her all the best,” fellow English teacher Mrs. Scanlin said. 

McGuire hopes to continue to positively impact her students life both in and out of the classroom. Before she leaves, she wants her students to know they have bright futures ahead of them. 

“I want my students as well as every student at LPHS to know that their words, ideas, and individual stories matter, and that each one of them greatly contributes to this universe. All the individuals who have come through J.21 have impacted me; I am a better person for knowing my students. I want my students to know how grateful I am to have been a part of their life; it truly is an honor to teach,” McGuire said. 

LPHS will miss McGuire, but they wish her nothing but the best on her future endeavors. Although she might become a Kingsmen, she will always be a Slicer in LPHS’ heart. 

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