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Zila and Mrozinski Go Undefeated


Sometimes partnerships just click. Senior Ally Zila and junior Macy Mrozinski are a testament to that.

The LPHS girls’ tennis team has been a perennial powerhouse as a team, but this year, Zila and Mrozinski etched their names in the record books going undefeated at #2 doubles.

The pair, who just started playing together this year, finished 20-0 after beating their Penn opponents in Regionals, but the team lost 2-3 to the end the season. Even with the loss, the two were elated.

“It feels really good, I feel like all of our hard work has really paid off. Ally and I have been working so hard since the beginning of the season,” Mrozinski said.

Zila has been playing tennis for all four years of high school. She has consistently performed well in doubles, even playing in middle school. Her experience and skill set on the team have made her a shining example of what a tennis player should be. She always helps motivate the rest of the girls with her cheery demeanor. Zila has a strong connection to her team. “I love them. They’re really supportive, and they’re always there for you matter what. You get upset, they’re always gonna cheer or make you laugh,” Zila said. 

Mrozinski’s determination shined through in her commitment to improving her tennis skills all while strengthening her bond with not only Zila but the rest of the team. This is all the more impressive considering the fact that she just started playing tennis her freshman year and missed out on her sophomore year. These setbacks have only seemed to strengthen her drive to do better.

The two have a strong friendship with each other, becoming closer this year. It helped them perform better on the court and made the various practices and competitions more enjoyable. They bonded over their positive outlooks and love of the sport.

While they were excited about their win, few seemed as proud as Coach Varda, who had nothing but admirable things to say about the girls’ personalities and skill set.

“It’s actually an incredible achievement. To have them go undefeated with our schedule is incredible. Those two girls dedicated themselves,” Varda said.

With the year coming to a close, Zila and Mrozinski will be a highlight of a strong Slicer athletic showing this year

“This team gave me the high school experience I had always wished for, and I will be forever grateful for it,” Zila said.

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